Will Val die and are Nicola and Jimmy moving, whilst Andy falls in to bed with Tracy – Emmerdale

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In the hospital, a worried Pollard and Finn sit and wait for news about Val, who still remains unconscious. Pollard is determined to see her, despite doctors encouraging him to leave her to rest.

Pollard reassures Val as she sleeps, but is alarmed when her breathing suddenly worsens. As machines start to sound and medics dash in, Pollard and Finn are ushered out. Val’s son Paul arrives shortly afterwards. A nurse approaches to explain Val’s condition and the family prepare themselves for the


At the hospital, Val’s family urge her to get better but she is still unresponsive. The doctor questions Pollard about resuscitation but Pollard insists “resuscitation” won’t be necessary.

On the ward, Pollard begs Val to come back and then breaks down in tears.

Meanwhile, Alicia is afraid to leave her house, worried about what people think about her. Chrissie tells Robert that she is taking Lachlan away for a while.

Later, Alicia arranges to work a shift at The Woolpack, but is she as confident as she is making out. Leyla is concerned about Alicia and goes to tell David, leaving him worried. Alicia covers to David, explaining it was nothing. Soon Alicia is flirty with him and he is concerned, though eventually reciprocates

Elsewhere, Victoria is concerned to hear Andy ordering whisky in the pub. Bernice sees the state Andy is in and invites him back to hers, where he

tries to kiss her but is pushed away. Drunken Andy persists, resulting in Bernice slapping him. He leaves embarrassed, while Bernice is left feeling shaken. Andy is undeterred as he sets his sights on Tracy.

Lawrence is disgusted to discover that Tracy has stayed with Andy and tells Robert to have a word with him, leaving Robert feeling awkward. Andy tells Robert that he’s moving out. Soon Leyla and Vanessa are lost for words when they discover that Andy has changed their locks and moved Tracy in with him. Worried for Andy, Bernice tries to talk to

racy. Will Tracy listen?

Chas and Debbie are unimpressed when they see Tracy with Andy. Rachel questions why Tracy is still in the village since nobody wants her there. Sam goes to see Tracy as he is concerned for her. She is about to confide in him about Andy when Chas and Debbie barge in. Later, Rachel is infuriated that Sam has been to see Tracy.

Also, Laurel pours herself a large glass of vodka to set

herself up for a busy day ahead with her interview. Paul arrives and goes through some coaching with Laurel.

Soon afterwards, April drinks from Laurel’s glass of vodka and orange, wandering out with it while Laurel is too distracted to notice. April becomes increasingly unwell and Laurel is panicked when she realises what has happened. Laurel explains to Bernice that they have to take April to the hospital. Horrified, will Laurel stoop to new lows to keep this from Marlow.

Finally, Nicola returns from her trip and drops a bombshell on Jimmy – she wants them to move to Dubai. Will Jimmy agree?

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