Will Tony and Tracy get the Rovers, is David about to lose Max ? – Coronation Street

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David is nervous as he prepares for Max’s custody hearing. In the waiting room, David suggests to Callum that they should sort out access to Max between them, but Callum is not interested and insists that he’ll see him in court.

Later, David’s lawyer paints him as the doting dad, but David’s good mood is short-lived when Callum’s lawyer launches a character assassination, dragging up David’s criminal past. As Callum’s lawyer lists

David’s past misdemeanours. Calming himself, David returns to court and apologises to the judge. The judge orders a full Cafcass report, but what decision will be made about Max’s living arrangements in the interim? Will Callum be granted access to Max?

Back at the Platts’, David is raging following his character assassination, accusing Sarah of furnishing Callum with details of his past and risking his chances in court. Sarah denies all knowledge, so where did Callum get the information?

Meanwhile, Faye begs Anna to let her stay another night at Number 4. Tim assures Anna that it’s fine and Sally is forced to agree. However, Sally is put out when Tim invites Anna to join them for dinner and the two women are soon bickering. How will they react when Tim likens them to Faye and Jackson bickering over naming the baby? Will they all realise they’ve got bigger fish to fry?

Elsewhere, Tony purposely lets slip to Steve that he and Liz would like to move to Spain, but Liz feels she can’t as she has to look after Steve. , Liz confides in Michelle that with Steve now on the mend, she feels the time is right to take the plunge and start a new life in Spain with Tony. Liz announces that she plans to move to Spain and is going to approach Travis Ltd and see if they’d like to buy her half of the pub too, whilst letting Steve and Michelle
continue to run it. Is Tony’s plan coming together?

Excited at the prospect of a new life in Spain, Liz assures Michelle that her job will be safe when Travis Ltd take over the pub. Despite this, Michelle is still worried for her future and confides in Carla, while Tony feels a stab of guilt. Will he waiver from his plan, or is he too far under Tracy’s spell?

Later, Steve has a panic attack and admits that he can’t face his stag do and the thought of going on a minibus so soon after the crash. Gary, Jason, Lloyd, Sean and

Tyrone decide to go on without him, but the night Lloyd had planned in Liverpool falls flat. When Lloyd overhears the others complaining about the evening, he takes offence and storms off. Tyrone goes after him and the pair find themselves aboard a fishing trawler, but as they hit the bottle, is the night about to end in drama after all?

Back at The Rovers, the women attend Michelle’s hen night. How will Michelle react when Carla offers to buy Liz’s half of

the pub, thereby ensuring her job is safe?

As Carla struggles to come up with the money to buy The Rovers, Liz and Tony head to the solicitors to do the deal with Travis Ltd. Tracy buzzes with excitement as Tony promises the pub will be theirs by the end of the day.

As Liz and Tony wait nervously at the solicitors, Carla and Michelle arrive, explaining how there is no need to sell to Travis Ltd as Carla has seen her bank manager and would like to buy into The Rovers. Tony reels. With Tracy waiting expectantly, can Tony close the deal?

Can Tony convince Liz to go through with the deal with Travis Ltd, or will Liz accept Carla’s last-minute offer to buy her share of the pub? And how will Tracy react if she is usurped by her arch enemy?

Later, Tony is on tenterhooks as he tries to placate Tracy. Can Tony hold it all together, or will an increasingly bitter Tracy blow his cover and vow revenge on all who have wronged her?

Also, as Carla and Nick try out canapés for Michelle’s wedding reception, Erica clocks their intimacy and invites Nick to join her at her ante natal class. Will Nick agree, and where does that leave him and Carla?

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