Will their be a Trainspotting 2 Movie?

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.Trainspotting 2.
The original Trainspotting was released back in 1996 catapulting the careers of Danny Boyle, Johnny LeeMiller and of course Ewan McGregor, but could a Trainspotting 20 be on the horizon.

It would come as no surprise if Trainspotting was to get a sequel, with this year being there year of movie Franchise revivals with Jurassic World making a big splash and the Terminator Franchise set to be revived in July with Terminator Genisys being released.

The original movie which was set in Edinburgh followed a group of lads trying to escape from a life of Drugs.

When McGregor was interviewed recently whilst promoting his latest movie The Last Days In The Desert, he spoke out about his wishs to reprise his role as Renton in Trainspotting 2.

“It might be the film that brings me back [to Scotland],” he said at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. “I would be up for it, I’ve said that to Danny. Everybody has talked about it and speculated about it, but I don’t know if it’s happening yet. I’ve not seen a script and I don’t know if there is one.”

McGregor and Boyle had previously fallen out over him not being cast in Boyles 2000 movie The Beach with the part ultimately going to Leonardo DiCaprio.

He added: “I miss working with Danny, I did some of my best work with him and he’s one of my favourite directors I’ve worked with. There was some bad blood and ill feeling, but that’s all gone now. I think it might be extraordinary to see a sequel 20 years after the original.”

Boyle has previously apologised for his treatment of McGregor saying he didn’t treat the Trainspotting star well.

The original movie starred Ewan McGregor ,Ewen Bremner,Jonny Lee Miller, Kevin McKidd, Robert,
and Peter Mullan .

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