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.Cindy has to face the music..
Why does Cindy’s lover persuade her to keep him secret a little longer even though she wants to tell Dirk about him? She tells Holly about her mystery man, who tells Sandy, who then confronts Cindy.

Phoebe inspires the McQueens to make some money. Nana and Carmel go to The Hutch, where Nana splashes water on the floor and pushes Carmel over, so they can make a claim. But Diane , who was there cleaning the windows, is on to them. To add to their misery,thhe McQueen’s  lottery numbers come up, but Nana didn’t  pay her share of the ticket. Then, when Robbie knocks, Phoebe answers the door and he tells her that he paid Nana’s share. Now it is Cindy’s turn to panic when she cant find her ticket, while the

..Carmel and John Paul celebrate.
McQueens get to grips with their life- changing news. Mercedes questions Holly and Cindy, after overhearing them talking. Later, when everyone is celebrating in The Dog, Mercedes drags Cindy in and forces her to explain. When the McQueens return to their boarded up house, Nana handcuffs herself to a drainpipe. Carmel arrives with ‘Save our Home’ T-shirts and Mercedes, John Paul and Phoebe attach themselves to the house with bicycle locks.

Dennis is annoyed when Blessing wont come out of her room. Later, Dirk tells Blessing that Dennis has had an accident, even though it is only a slight cut. After rushing in her P.J’s to The Emporium, she feels humiliated to find Dennis absolutely fine. When she gets home, Blessing calls her mum, but is paralysed with fear and cant talk, when she answers. Also, Dennis is shocked while watching T.V as his lottery numbers are called.

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Meanwhile, when Sonny agrees to buy their house, the McQueen’s troubles seem to be over. Then Carmel tells Nana and Mercedes that someone put in a higher offer. Will their last chance of being a happy family be ruined by Mercedes own battles?

Elsewhere, Darren tells Sienna that he’ll make sure she goes to prison for a long time, when he finds out that she has begged Tom not to testify against her. Sienna retaliates by threatening to plan her very worst while in prison, unless he persuades Tom not to testify. With Sienna prepared to go to extremes to stay out of prison, what will she do when Darren crosses her path? Also, who will Darren take his anger out on and will he regret his actions before its too late?

..Blessing and Dennis celebrate.
Finally, with Blessing leaving the village, has Dennis missed his final chance with her? And when he plans a fundraiser for her operation, will his idea be a success….

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