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..Hollyoaks: 3971: 2014-10-13.
Siena is furious when Maxine decides to propose to Dodger. She tries to cause trouble by telling Dodger about Maxine going with Patrick to counselling. Later, when Maxine and Dodger go to The Loft for a surprise party, Sienna sets off the fire alarms, just as Maxine is about to propose to Dodger. Maxine blames Patrick for the mishap, and tells him she wishes he was dead. After, Sienna gets into Maxine’s hired car and drives into Patrick…

When Phoebe seduces Robbie at the garage, before blindfolding him, getting him down to his boxers, tying him to a bench and then taking photos, Joe comes to the rescue. Then Robbie insults Phoebe, so Joe offers her a job at the garage.

When Carmel hears Phoebe’s waterlogged phone start working, she listens to Sonny’s confession about manipulating Theresa’s arrest. Even though the evidence could free Theresa, Carmel decides to leave the phone in the bin.

Patrick is hit by Sienna's car
Sienna dumps the hired vehicle, as Nico finds a lifeless Patrick. Sienna is happier when Dodger tells her and Nico that he’ll always be there for them. Then the police find Maxine’s engagement ring in the car.

Tony and Sinead nearly get caught by Diane, as they get passionate at The Hutch. When Tony says they should go away together and he will tell Diane that he is at a food conference, will it all go wrong as an unsuspecting Diane plans to join them?

Carmel feels guilty about Theresa and goes to the bin to retrieve the phone, only to find it has been emptied. She chases the bin van and climbs in. Will she be able to find it?

.Myra supports Theresa throughout the birth..
Meanwhile, Theresa’s waters break, and while being rushed to hospital, drops the bombshell that Dodger is the father. Mercedes tricks him to go into the hospital, and in full blown labour, Theresa tells him that he is the father. She then gives birth to a baby girl-Myra-Pocahontas Regina Madonna Savage-Mcqueen!

Cindy is about to be discharged from the hospital, until Jason tells the doctor, Holly and Dirk that she thinks they’re trying to kill her. Holly is so angry with Jason for not telling her, that she breaks up with him. Later, Jason is not at home when Holly goes to apologise, but Robbie is, and offers a shoulder to cry on. Later, a furious Jason finds them asleep in his bed.

.Tony and Sinead plan a getaway..
When Diane’s house alarm goes off, she tries to get hold of Tony at the hotel, but they tell her that Tony isn’t staying with them. Diane checks his credit card statement and turns up at the right hotel. Tony is shocked when he opens the door to Diane-is she about to get a nasty shock?

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