Will Robert Kill Chas to stop his secret being revealed ? Laurel Drinking escalates – Emmerdale

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Ashley is worried about Laurel. Rhona is also determined to get answers, asking Marlon if there is something going on. Soon their conversation is curtailed when Laurel walks in and lashes out at Rhona for gossiping about her.

In desperate need of a drink, Laurel takes drastic action when she breaks into the village hall to steal alcohol from the tombola. On discovering the break-in and seeing the sorry drunken state Laurel is in,

both Marlon and Ashley are at a loss over what to do. Marlon truly considers the reality of Laurel being a full-blown alcoholic.

Laurel feels the pressure as she can’t remember what happened last night and squirms when Marlon asks if she is an alcoholic. Ashley wants to help Laurel, but is unsure what to do. Diane also reassures Doug as he worries about how much worse it could get. Later, Laurel wants a few days away, but Marlon is struggling to handle things. Has Laurel gone too far for him to cope? Rhona is also unsure about the idea of a trip away, reflecting on her own experiences.

Meanwhile, with Chrissie still away, Aaron is enjoying spending quality time up at Home Farm with Robert. However, Robert is concerned about Aaron’s need to exercise. Aaron lies to Chas about where he has been as they go on a run together. Later, Aaron heads back to Home Farm but is

annoyed when Robert tells him that Chrissie is back tomorrow. He is upset that Robert can switch his affections so quickly. The Chrissie news sends Aaron back out running, this time loaded with extra weight and soon he is struggling and stumbling as he pushes himself into punishment.

Chas is convinced that Robert and Aaron are seeing each other again and joins Aaron on a run to get to the bottom of it, determined to find out what he has been up to. Fed up with her interference, Aaron runs off, saying he is staying at Adam’s.

Alone and exhausted in a remote area, Aaron stumbles and falls, smashing his mobile. He lies stuck and in agony, but manages despite the pain to free his trapped ankle. However, matters get more critical when unstable Aaron suddenly tumbles down a steep embankment and lands hard. He is totally unconscious, with nobody around to see what has happened.

Aaron awakes in excruciating pain, desperately

calling for help. At the same time, Chas discovers that Aaron didn’t stay at Adam’s and reluctantly asks Robert if he spent the night with him. With Aaron missing, they both go looking for him.

Whilst searching, a glowering Robert simmers with rage when he realises that Chas has played him and got him to confess that he and Aaron are still seeing each other. They argue and Chas verbally attacks Robert, blaming him for Katie’s death. Chas also concerns Robert by warning him that she will tell Chrissie the truth.

Filled with anger and desperate to stop the truth from being exposed. Robert quietly picks up a big stone behind Chas’s back and follows her every step, pent up with rage. What will Robert be prepared to do to keep his secrets safe? Suddenly, faint cries are heard from a trapped Aaron. Will Chas’s fate take another turn?

Chas has unknowingly survived Robert’s initial plan to kill her. She fills in Paddy on Aaron and Robert’s rekindled affair, and her plan is still to tell Chrissie everything.

With Chas’s threat still looming, Robert makes a phone call to a very shady contact, explaining that he needs to get rid of someone – permanently and straight away. Later, Chas reluctantly tells Robert that she will keep the secret but only for Aaron’s sake. Robert makes a hasty phone call to retract his instructions, but despairs as he cannot get in touch with his contact.

Knowing Chas’s time could almost be up, Robert is panicked as he still can’t get in touch with his contact to call him off.

At the same time, the hitman stakes out Chas, poised and ready to strike. When Chas hears a car alarm going off, she heads outside to see what has caused it, unknowingly into the trap set.

Elsewhere, David explains that he wants to accompany Alicia to court to hear the verdict, but she just wants it to be over. At the same time, Chrissie is uneasy when Lawrence asks if she has called her ex Donny, as he has a right to know about Lachlan.

Alicia wants to go to court despite David’s misgivings. Chrissie lies to Lachlan about his dad Donny not being able to come to court. Will Alicia be strong enough to get through the day as the verdict is delivered?

Jacob hears David and Alicia row. Alicia then suggests to David that they should move away for a fresh start. Jacob is angry when Alicia broaches the idea.

Later, David is unimpressed to see Lawrence and Chrissie and reveals exactly what Lachlan said in court. Angry at Lachlan and what his actions have caused, Jacob heads up to Home Farm. What is he capable of?

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