Will Robert and Chrisse wedding go ahead, as Katie finally gets the proof she needs – Emmerdale

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There’s a frosty atmosphere between Andy and Katie as they fill the car with boxes for the caravan. Andy apologises to Robert for what Katie did, leaving him happily surprised. Robert asks Andy to be his best man and he agrees, but Katie warns Robert that he’s not fooling her.

Later at the pub, Katie and Andy agree to stop fighting and celebrate their move to the farm, but Katie can’t resist quietly taunting Robert about how she’s going to make things up to Chrissie so they can become best friends. Robert takes this as a threat and leaves angrily. Soon afterwards, the caravan at Wylie’s is ablaze, along with Andy and Katie’s perfect future.

Katie barges into Home Farm and refuses to leave until Robert admits that he started the fire. Robert

accuses Katie of wanting to screw the wedding up, while Chrissie challenges her to call the police. However, Katie’s confident stance is quickly slipping.

Back at Wylie’s farm, a furious Andy apologises to Chrissie on the phone as Katie returns. Suddenly, Katie is worried that she has gone too far – and perhaps at the cost of her marriage. At the same time, Robert arrives at the cabin to win Aaron around, but Aaron stands firm.

Katie is hurt when she tries to talk to Andy, but he still wants space from her. At the same time, Robert manipulates Chrissie into suggesting they pull out of the farm deal to punish Katie for saying he started the fire. Robert enjoys telling Katie the news and says that he’ll leave her to inform Andy.
Desperate to confide in someone, Katie talks to Chas
but is left feeling utterly alone when she doesn’t believe her, warning Katie to get a grip before she loses her husband. Will Katie be able to contain her fear and frustrations for the sake of her marriage?

Robert asks Aaron to meet him at the barn but is disappointed when he waits for Aaron and realises that he isn’t going to turn up. Later, Robert joins Lawrence and Chrissie in the pub where they are having pre-wedding celebration drinks. Robert spots Aaron and follows him into the toilet, with his words

leaving Aaron gutted that his plan backfired.

Soon afterwards, Aaron spots Katie outside the pub. Without warning, he blurts out that she is right about Robert – he has been having an affair and he can prove it to her tomorrow.

When the day of the wedding arrives, Robert agrees to meet Aaron at Wylie’s Farm for one last goodbye, but when Robert suggests to him that it doesn’t have to be the end of their relationship, Aaron’s head and plan is thrown into disarray. He then tells Katie that he was

wrong about Robert and hopes he has shut her down.

Later, Andy fumes to hear that the farm sale is off – convinced that Katie must have done something to further rile Robert and Chrissie. Andy tells Katie not to come to the wedding and suggests that he might move out permanently. Could this really be the end for them?

As the day continues, a suited Robert arrives at the farm and Aaron implores him to call off the wedding, telling him that he loves him – but Robert refuses. As Robert makes to leave, Aaron hastily texts Katie with the words “Wylie’s Farm, now”.

Aaron goes after Robert and it’s not long before they are embroiled in a passionate kiss. However, when the sound of a camera phone taking a shot cuts through the air, a panicked Robert pulls away. Katie finally

has the evidence she needs

At Wylie’s, Robert is desperate to discredit Aaron as Katie enjoys having him on the ropes. Will Aaron regret his betrayal to Robert? And now that Katie has the evidence she needs, can they persuade her not to make it public?

The tension mounts at the farm as they all realise the enormity of the situation and the repercussions it will


Guests are getting restless at the church as they continue to await the arrival of the groom and there are mutterings that he may have done a runner.

Much later in the day, Sam tells Andy that he saw Katie heading to Wylie’s a while ago. Andy decides to go and look, but what will he encounter when he gets there?

Meanwhile, DC Halton arrives to speak to Ross, telling him they have his fingerprints in connection with a break-in. Emma comes to his rescue as he is questioned. She tells the police that it’s her house, although she does wonder why they have Ross’s prints already on record.

Pete is shocked when Finn tells him what Ross did. At the same time, Emma questions Ross over the police visit, darkening when he admits that he broke into her house.

With Emma now in the picture over the break-in, the brothers are sure she will leave them again. As Finn tries to change Pete’s opinion of Emma, Ross finally snaps and pins Pete down, demanding he tell them why he is so anti-Emma. Will Pete finally reveal the secrets of the past?

Finally, Marlon refuses to lie when Laurel suggests they could have a drink without Paddy finding out. When Doug later offers Laurel a sneaky drink, will she be tempted?

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