Will Peter & Carla get back together ? Will Peter leave ? Will Sally find out Tim’s secret – Coronation Street News

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Ken excitedly plans a party tea as Peter arrives home. He is thrilled to see Simon and hands him the diary he kept in prison. Steve shakes Peter’s hand and offers an awkward apology, but will Peter accept?

Later, when Carla takes the factory girls to The Rovers to celebrate a new order, Peter enters and locks eyes with Carla.
Peter pleads with Carla to give him 5 minutes and hear what he has to say. In The Rovers back room, Peter thanks Carla for handing him a lifeline. Carla makes it crystal clear that she didn’t do it for him but for the sake of justice.

Despite this, Peter suggests that they could make another go of their relationship. Desperate and casting dignity aside, Peter gets down on his knees and tearfully begs Carla to take him back.

Michelle is soon calling at Number 1 and hands Peter an envelope containing Carla’s wedding ring. Peter’s day goes from bad to worse when Steph lays into him, pointing out that had Tina never met him, she’d still be alive.

Ken is later horrified to find a bottle of vodka stashed away in Peter’s jacket. At breaking point, Peter drops a bombshell on Ken.

With Peter feeling as though he has nothing left in Weatherfield for him, he makes his plans to move to
Portsmouth. After agreeing to rent the

bookies flat to Owen, Peter calls in the pub and tells Steve and Michelle that he is leaving. Michelle is glad to see the back of him, but Steve wishes Peter well.

Elsewhere, as an embarrassed Tim embarks on his first reading lesson with Anna he lies to Sally, telling her that he’s out cleaning windows. But when Sally checks Tim’s sponge and finds it bone dry, she wonders where he’s really been.

Meanwhile, eaten up with guilt, Eileen tells Jason that as soon as Todd is discharged from hospital, he’s moving back home. Todd explains how he’s going to be scarred for life. Eileen confides in Jason, Julie and Sean how she feels she let Todd

down and blames herself for his attack.

Also, worried they’re not spending enough time together, Michelle rearranges the rotas so that she and Steve have to work together. Will her plan pay off?

Finally, Gary and Alya continue their secret relationship, making plans to meet in town. Later, Alya finds Gary alone in the builders’ yard. They kiss passionately until they realise to

their horror that Leanne is watching and quickly break apart.

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