Will Peter be found Innocent, and will David realise Kylie has been taking drugs – Coronation Street

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Rob  wriggles his way out of going to Peter’s trial, instead helping Carla to move her stuff into her new flat. As Rob and Carla look after Simon for an afternoon, Simon tells Rob that he misses his real mum and Tina. Later at Simon’s request, Rob takes him to visit Tina’s grave. When Rob assures Simon that Peter had nothing to do with Tina’s death, Simon questions who did.

Peter’s hopes of being found innocent dwindle as more evidence is given against him. Later in his cell, he tells Clelland that Carla’s witness statement will be the last straw

Meanwhile, Steve’s nerves lead to a panicked outburst in the witness box. This causes concern as he explains to Liz and Michelle that he feels he has made things worse for Peter.

When Carla is called as a witness, she describes Peter’s affair with Tina and is cross-examined by Peter’s barrister.

Carla is taken aback and tells the court that she does not believe Peter is capable of murder, leading Peter to believe that she is still in love with him.

When Peter finally takes the to the witness box, he tells the court that Tina was just a bit of fun for him but he always loved Carla. When the prosecution barrister challenges him, Peter erupts and insists that he is telling the truth. Can he keep his

cool and will the Jusry find him Innocent.

Elsewhere, Todd is doing a poor job of looking after Rob and Tracy’s shop while they’re in court.

Also, Kylie visits Callum to beg him for more drugs, when she arrives home high on speed to David he notices her odd behavior.

Finally, when Roy arrives home to find his flat has been robbed, Anna and Tyronne do their best to console Roy whilst Jason fixs the broken locks.

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