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Charity is smug as she watches Robbie get out of a police car. He explains to Megan that he was arrested for breaking into the abortion clinic. Megan despairs to think that any chance of getting proof may have slipped through their fingers. Later, Robbie arrives at work and winds up Declan by telling Jimmy that he was arrested for doing a favour for a mate who’s in denial about his wife having had an abortion. Declan warns Robbie never to bring those accusations into his house again, but Robbie and Megan’s determination to pursue Charity over this starts to stir doubts in Declan. Charity knows she needs to think creatively to throw Declan off the scent.

As Megan and Robbie start to put further pressure on Declan, he starts to have doubts, as Charity starts to become desperate she asks Chas to lie and say she had an abortion which she refuses to do. Declan decides to speak to his solicitor about the pre-nuptial agreement as to whether there is a get out clause. In a last ditched attempt to let Charity prove her innocence he asks her to accompany him to the abortion clinic. With no where else to turn Charity tells Declan it was Debbie who had an abortion, when she goes to see Debbie to explain the situation Debbie is far from happy.

When Declan speaks to Megan to tell her she was right Charity realises that it could be all over, in a last ditched attempt to win Declan round Chas speaks to Debbie to try and convince her to tell Declan it was her that had the abortion.

Meanwhile, Laurel’s father Doug arrives in time for her wedding. He worries it’s not a good time for Laurel and Marlon to get married, but Diane reassures him. Laurel questions why Hilary isn’t with her dad, while Leyla warns Diane away from Doug. Laurel and Doug come across Marlon watching something on the camera but he quickly turns it off and covers. Once Marlon and Doug are out of the room, Laurel’s concerns mount as she presses play on the video camera and sees Donna.

when both Marlon and Laurel attend their Hen and Stag do’s, it obvious that both their minds are not 100% committed to the

idea of the wedding, when Laurel slopes of she bumps into Ashley who she confides in, as the talk Laurel goes in for a kiss. When the day of the wedding arrives the nervous couple decide to sit down and talk to one another about their feeling, when Laurel explains that she kissed Marlon he tell her he understands as he did the same with Donna, but with both of their confessions out the way will they go through with the wedding?

Elsewhere, Ali is gutted to hear that Dan has told Kerry the truth and worries Ruby will find out. Dan apologises to Kerry, but can she ever forgive him?

Also, Sam is shocked when he receive his Credit card statement through the post.

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