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..Will Luke respond to Carla's advances?.
Carla is finally convinced by rob to move on and forget about Peter, her first steps are too tell Peter that she will be moving out of his flat and in return will buy him out of the business.  Peter refuses to take any money for business and again declares his love for her.  Later when Carla arrives at the Rovers she notices Luke giving the eye and makes no hesitation in inviting him back to hers.

Luke soon realsies that Carla is far to drunk she also cant stop talking about Peter, as Carla leans in for a Kiss Luke decides to make his excuses and leave but not before peter sees him leaving the Flat.

.Alya says too much to Izzy..
Elsewhere, after Nick telling Kal family about Leanne’s past she tries to build bridges with his mum explaining she is not the same person, to add further fuel to the fire Nick announces that he will be changing the name of the Bistro to ” Just Nicks”.

Meanwhile, Izzy and Gary go out for a drink but realise that things have gone too far and their relationship is over. They head home and drop the bombshell that they’re splitting up. Owen and Anna are devastated, but it makes them look at their own relationship and realise how much they actually love each other.  when Ayla hears about the split she assumes it to do with there night together, she goes to find Izzy to put thing right and tells Izzy that nothing happened, but it becomes obvious a confused Izzy has no idea what she is talking about.

.Todd makes Marcus feel guilty over visiting Liam ..
Also, Todd makes Marcus feel guilty over visiting Liam by reminding him that he lost a son. >Sean later discovers that Todd has had another man staying over behind Marcus’s back. Unable to bite his tongue when Todd starts schmoozing Marcus, Sean blurts out about the other man. Todd tries to soft soap Marcus by insisting that he was just a friend who stayed on the sofa, but is Marcus starting to see the real Todd?

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