Will John Paul and Ste get married ? what happens to Dodger – Christmas in Hollyoaks.

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Lockie and John Paul fear they're in troubleSienna orders Dodger to call Theresa and tell her that he’s in LA with Maxine, but instead he tells Theresa that he is at Anna’s house. When Theresa arrives, will she find Dodger?

Meanwhile, Rick has organised lunch for Robbie and Phoebe. He asks Nancy to come too and bribes her with a box of painkillers. However, he has an ulterior motive and manipulates those around him to get what he wants – upsetting Robbie in the process.

It’s the night of Ste and John Paul’s ’90s-themed stag dos and they both turn up as Ginger Spice. Theresa is Baby Spice, Porsche is Posh Spice, Leela is Madonna and Tegan is Britney Spears, but Myra gets it wrong by turning up as Boy George! When Lockie tries to persuade Ste to have a drink, will he be able

.The '90s-themed stag do doesn't go as planned..
to resist temptation?

When John Paul and Lockie find themselves on the run from the law following an eventful night. They end up hiding in the back of a lorry, which drives off with them – and a turkey – in the back. To make matters worse, the police officer mistakes Ste for John Paul and arrests him.

When Christmas day arrive itsthe morning of Ste and John Paul’s wedding, but the McQueens worry when they realise that John Paul and Lockie are AWOL. The two runaways have been driven to a far-away remote location, leaving them to fear that they won’t make it to the wedding in time.

Later, Ste is released from custody and knows he’s messed up for the last time. John Paul and Lockie manage to hitch a ride with

.Christmas Day arrives in the McQueen household..
some rugby players – including Ben Foden – but Ste assumes that the wedding is off and tells Leah and Lucas they’re going to Rhyl on holiday. Porsche, Leela and Tegan stop Ste just in time – John Paul is on his way home and the wedding is back on. An excited Ste then waits at the church for his husband-to-be.

Elsewhere, Tegan encourages Tony to try harder to find Diane and the twins. He climbs to the top of the arch to attract attention but falls off into the manger that has been built in the village. Dr S’avage takes him to hospital, where Tony discovers a heartbreaking truth.

Also, Dodger worries when Sienna keeps talking about the ‘special celebration’ that they’re going to have and he is horrified when

..Hollyoaks: 4023-24: 2014-12-24.
she enters the basement in a wedding dress. Dodger persuades her to delay her plans, but when he won’t kiss Sienna, she explodes with anger. He calms her down and tells her the story of the perfect Christmases they would have had if they had never been separated. Dodger promises to help her, if she’ll just let him go. Dodger drives Sienna to the hospital but there is a sudden flurry of snow. Sienna’s car hits something in the road and Dodger is knocked unconscious.

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