Will Fox renew Gotham for a Season 2 ?

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Fox are currently in Production with  a new Batman prequel entitled Gotham, but whats the likely hood of seeing a season 2 order?

DC Comics ever expanding TV and movie universe will soon be bringing us Gotham, a prequel that follows the rise of Commissioner Gordon as well as seeing how Bruce Wayne became the Dark Knight from the death of his parents.

We announced back in February that Gotham would start producing a pilot, and very much like The CW did with the new DC Comics series Flash very quickly followed up with a series order.  Could the quick decision to go to a full series order, and the already excellent feedback from critics in the US who got to see the pilot in New York, go some way to giving us an indication that a season 2 is pretty much a dead cert?

If comments from critics like Collider’s Christina Radish who tweeted, “Rest assured, Gotham is everything that you want Gotham to be”, or TV Equals Sandrine Sahakians stating “the trailers don’t do it justice, definitely top of my list this fall”, are anything to go by  along with the huge publicity Gotham is receiving then we should expect that Gotham will get a season 2 order before season 1 has even concluded.

Although at one time, it very rarely happened shows getting season 2 orders before the first season had even concluded, it seems that studios are now sometime placing early bets, based on the back of early viewing figures ( say the first 4 episodes) and also chatter from the Internet.

For Example AMC fourth coming new series “Better Call Saul” The Spin off from the cult TV Series Breaking Bad has already received a season 2 order before even airing its first season.  Revolution was another series that got a season 2 order within the first few episodes of season 1, this was probably down to the whopping 11.5 million viewers it attracted which ultimately fell to 6 million by the finale.

The difference between Revolution and Gotham though is that Batman already has a huge cult following, and along with the huge success that Arrow has had on The CW, and with current demand for huge Box office superheros movies Gotham has already got an established core audience.

So do I think Gotham will get a season 2 order, ill eat my hat if it don.t !!

We will keep you updated as soon as Fox announce it, in the mean time enjoy the latest trailer for Season 1 which premier in the US on September 22nd, a UK broadcaster is yet to be confirmed.

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