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Kerry is upset after Dan called her a bad mother, Kerry allows Daz to console her as he suggests that she postpones the wedding. Later, as the couple prepare for their hen and stag parties, Dan apologises and they agree the wedding is still on – but they are unaware that an unhappy Daz is listening in.

Later, during the stag party, Daz slips out and heads back to Dale Head, where a drunken Kerry is looking for a CD. He compliments Kerry and tries to kiss her, unaware that a fuming Dan has seen. On the morning of the wedding, a distraught Kerry pleads with Dan, telling him that the kiss was all Daz. She ends up leaving in tears when Dan tells her that he doesn’t know what to do.

After Kerry being left at the later and getting her self into trouble, she Kerry is due in court over her arrest, but is determined to face up to things with Dan. Dan is reticent and annoyed with her next tactic to try to win him back, utterly fed up with how things are. Later, Kerry receives an unexpected envelope, which gives her the impetus to sort things out with Dan once and for all.

Meanwhile, Chas asks Marlon if he plans to go on a honeymoon, but he tells her that he doesn’t think Victoria is ready to take charge of the kitchen. Laurel knows what the real reason is and she presses him about it. When Marlon admits it’s because of Donna, Laurel storms out, leaving him with mixed feelings of anger and guilt.  

Later at the church,

Elsewhere, wanting to put an end to the awkwardness, Katie tells Andy that he needs to move past the kiss as she doesn’t want to lose him as a friend. They both enjoy a drink together, but when Victoria calls round, Andy is eager to get rid of his sister. Once she leaves, Katie comes out of her hiding place, but will this lead to another kiss?

Also, Debbie’s suspicions are confirmed when she sees Donna and Ross flirt, while Harriet is caught red-handed when she texts Carole from Ashley’s phone asking her to come to the party at The

Woolpack. Debbie is soon on Ross and Donna tail asking Ross whats going one, Ross uses Pete as collateral telling her not to say anything.

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