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Chrissie shows Lawrence the pornographic content she found on Robert’s laptop, along with messages arranging to meet up with women. When Robert naively arrives home, he’s unprepared for her reaction – Chrissie is in a fury.

Initially Robert is worried as he’s not sure what he is being accused of, but Chrissie soon explains and orders Robert to pack his bags and go. Vanessa, who has called over to drop something off, overhears the row and can’t wait to tell the girls the gossip when she gets to The Woolpack. Katie, Chas and Aaron soon hear how Robert has arranged to meet a woman he found online. Aaron tries to avoid Chas’s eye as she listens in to the gossip.

Robert soon talks Chrissie round and its not long before Robet suggests that he and Aaron spend another night in a hotel, Aaron is unable to resist time alone with him. Later, Katie earwigs on Robert’s phone call to the hotel. Convinced she’s finally got him and determined to show Chrissie her fiancé’s true colours, Katie decides they both should follow him…

Will Katie and Chrisse catch them out.

Elsewhere, Nicola is nervous about her doctor’s appointment. Jimmy insists on going with her, but he is also fretting. At the appointment, Nicola is gobsmacked by what the doctor tells


Later, Jimmy tries his best to cheer Nicola up but she is distraught. When Nicola returns home, she lies to Bernice…

Chas meets Emma and the pair chat and joke. Moira arrives and is thoughtful when Chas tells her that Emma seems nice. Later, Moira tries to make small talk with Emma but she remains frosty. Moira suggests they go for a drink and put their differences behind them, but Emma is unreadable. That afternoon, Moira braces herself when Emma arrives for their drink, but how will they get on?

Meanwhile, Debbie is still in the dark over why Pete isn’t happy having Emma around. When Debbie gets stressed over her list

of things to do in time for Zak and Lisa’s party, Finn offers to help by babysitting Jack. Finn is called away while babysitting, leaving Emma to watch over Jack.

Debbie and Pete arrive back just as Finn is leaving the B&B. He reassures them that Emma is with Jack, but the news puts Pete in a panic and he runs home. Much later, Pete finally explains the full truth to Debbie, but will it help him accept his mum now being around?

Pete remains in turmoil, hoping Emma will just leave the village quietly so he doesn’t have to tell his brothers the truth. A bitter Emma heads to The Woolpack and tells James what happened with Pete yesterday. Afterwards, James attempts to

speak to Pete.

Later, Emma is devastated by James’s betrayal and heads to the farm to confront him. They argue bitterly while James gets some machinery set up. James is distracted by their argument as he secures the hoist. An angry Emma then lashes out, causing the pallet to crash down on James and pin him under the load. Emma checks James to see if he’s breathing and finds that he’s not. She hesitates when calling an ambulance, takes one last look at James and walks away, leaving him to die

James lies pinned under the pallet, pale-faced and bloodied. Emma flees from the scene and leaves him to die, but she changes her tack when she sees Pete arrive and calls for his help.

Pete runs over to Emma, who snaps into nurse mode and tells him to call an ambulance. James isn’t breathing and doesn’t have a pulse. Soon the paramedics arrive….

Finally, Laurel avoids kissing Marlon, keen to cover the fact she was drinking last night. Doug sees she is hungover, but will he tell Marlon? Laurel soon hears that Marlon has got a plan for February.

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