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..Debbie makes it clear to Moira that she is not welcome<br /><br />
With the atmosphere still tense at the Farm after Moria and James secret getting out, Debbie and Chas start to become concerned over Cain whereabouts, chas comes clean to Debbie that she has known for while about Adam being James son.  Moira see’s a glimpse of hope when Adam returns to the farm but it’s not long before she realises that things are going to be an uphill struggle.

Adam turns to booze to drown his sorrows, and finds an unlikely friend in Ross who tells Adam that they both have something in common as the both hate their parents.  As the pints are sunk Ross hatches a plan with Adam to steal some Vodka from the cellar.  With James later see

.Andy is injured when Adam loses control.
Adam and Ross together he warns Adam that Ross is not the best person to be getting involved with, Katie’s also become equally concerned about the way in which he is behaving.

When Adam later turns up at the Farm a little worse for wear staggering, James tells him to go home as he is drunk, Adam ignores James advise and climbs into the tractor, as he start’s the tractor up he hear’s an almighty scream from Andy behind who was rethreading the baler.  The paramedics are soon on the scene to take Adam to hospital with him in and out of consciousness James takes the rap from Adam.


.Leyla and Megan's charity gets underway..
Also Leyla asks Katie and Alicia to help her sell burgers from her street barbeque and decides to lure the cyclists in with a revealing outfit. Her tactic works and Leyla wins the challenge, making £100 profit. Megan is floored, but its not long before Megan is more annoyed when Jai chooses Leyla to invest into the business, it’s not long before Jai has to do some grovelling explaining to Megan he would rather not mix business with pleasure.

Finally, Lisa and Zak are hopeful when they’re given permission to appeal Belle’s conviction.  But worries soon start to deepen for them when Sam starts to act strangely and money goes missing.

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