Will Andy commit Suicide can Aaron hold it together, and who is Alicia secret valentine – Emmerdale

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Emma is hurt when she tells Ross and Finn about the divorce, but her spirits lift when Ross tells her there is a job going at the doctors. Emma is irked to see Adam and James getting along so well and after speaking to Val, she has a plan.

At the scrapyard, a couple arrives ready to scrap their car but Adam doesn’t have any cash on him and leaves them to go to the pub while he nips out. When

the scrapyard is clear, a bitter Emma causes chaos.

Later, Emma gets ready for her interview, while Finn and Ross discuss Adam and Aaron’s disaster at the scrapyard. Moira suspects the scrapyard foul play was down to Val but soon realises that Emma is the more likely suspect

Elsewhere, Diane is concerned for Andy, who won’t discuss the funeral and insists on going to work. Robert then feels guilty when Andy asks him to plan the funeral. Afterwards, a torn Robert tells Aaron that he won’t be seeing him for a while.

Adam later apologises to Aaron regarding the scrapyard and asks him what has been bothering him. Will Aaron confide in his friend?

Andy makes a heartbreaking return to Wylie’s with Robert, but Robert soon leaves as he is unable to take it anymore. Georgia insensitively asks Leyla about the house, but when Robert hears her talking about it later, he snaps at Georgia. Diane and Lawrence are worried about him. As Andy crumbles at Wylie’s,

Robert is fighting his own demons

Diane and Chas worry about Andy and are both shocked when he tells them that he’s not going to Katie’s funeral.

Debbie tries to talk to Andy but doesn’t get through. When Moira talks to Andy about moving on, her words strike a chord – but not in the way she thinks.

Aaron’s plans to avoid attending the funeral are

dashed when he realises that he can’t let Chas down. He also gives Robert cause to panic when he tells him they should tell the truth today.

During the funeral service, Aaron hurries out, unable to take it anymore. At the wake, he also snaps at Robert when he tries to get him to keep quiet.

Over at Tug Ghyll, Andy is preparing to end it all. Grabbing a bottle of whisky, he heads out. Soon Andy

is is spotted screeching out of the pub car park by Aaron and Robert. He makes his way to the local steep quarry and parks dangerously near to the precipice.

With Katie gone, Andy truly believes that life is no longer worth living, but can Robert and Aaron track him down and save him before he takes his own life?

Meanwhile, Marlon is trying to figure out the family finances as Laurel and Doug return from the supermarket. Laurel is clearly tempted by a bottle of vodka, but she decides to go and apologise to Jai. He

escorts her from the building and the rest of the girls are stunned when Laurel uncharacteristically snaps at them as she leaves.

Despite what has happened, Marlon offers his support to Laurel, suggesting that it might be a blessing in disguise. Laurel is guilty and humbled by his understanding. Feeling encouraged, Laurel enquires about a job at the college and is thrilled when she is invited for an interview. Doug offers her a drink, but does she want it or is this a fresh start for Laurel?

Finally, David and Alicia are thrown when Chrissie asks if they would like to expand their business. Alicia is thrilled and on board, but is David?

Alicia is excited about Chrissie’s farm shop proposition and is full of anticipation, waiting for her Valentine flowers. David is miffed they haven’t arrived yet, but is left confused when a CD and card arrives instead. Who is behind the missing flowers, and who is Alicia’s secret Valentine?

Fearing that Robert fancies her, David questions Alicia’s clothes and asks her to change. He finally admits that he thinks Robert sent her the Valentine’s stuff.

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