Will Andy and Katie get married, Whats up with Cain, Could Jai and Megan be closer to finding Rachael ? – Christmas in Emmerdale

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Jimmy is incredulous as Charity plans to hold their haulage firm Christmas party at Butler’s farm. Moira eventually agrees, though she stipulates some strict ground rules.

Unfortunately, Moira quickly regrets her decision when she returns home to an unruly bash. This is the final straw – she wants Charity out!

When Charity spills something over Moira, a fight between the pair breaks out and Moira tells Charity to leave. Cain arrives home from France in the middle of their fight but seems disinterested over the angry scene. Moira is also thrown by Cain’s attitude when he admits that his car went missing in


Cain is exhausted at having to deal with Moira and Charity’s incessant arguing, but he is adamant that he won’t kick Charity out before Christmas. Later, Cain is livid as Moira has phoned the police about his missing car.

Moira insists that Charity moves out today. Charity pleads with Cain but is thrown when he agrees with Moira. Later, Charity is intrigued to overhear Cain’s conversation with PC Swirling, who arrives to speak with him concerning his missing car. Charity is confused about Cain’s story and wonders what is rattling him.

Meanwhile, Nicola is unwittingly forced to reveal that she is pregnant to her employers Chrissie and Lawrence. Later, Nicola

suggests to Chrissie that Bernice could move into Dale View, thinking it will solve both of their problems given that Andy is moving to his new farm. As the day continues, Nicola fumes at Jimmy for not having spoken to Bernice about moving out. How will an emotional Bernice react when she does hear?

Elsewhere, Ross tells Aaron that he has dealt with Lawrence but they cannot trust Robert. Later, Robert observes Adam and Aaron as they chat in The Woolpack and overhears their business plan ideas. Robert offers some advice, only to be rejected by Aaron. Will Robert find a way to get closer to Aaron once more?

Also, Kerry finds a sobbing Bernice, who admits that she can’t do Katie’s hair and make-up for the wedding as she still loves

Andy. Bernice’s day gets worse when she is forced to cover the bar during Andy’s stag do.

As the stags gather in fancy dress in The Woolpack, Robert arrives and Andy reluctantly agrees that he can stay – but the brothers don’t remain amicable for long and they end up having a fight over Jack and Sarah’s graves. Will Robert do as Andy says and stay away from the wedding?

Whilst Katie’s hen do is a low-key affair, but Leyla and Kerry have plans to address that.

When Christmas day comes and the day of the wedding is here,

Diane finds Robert at Jack’s grave and is left deeply troubled as she worries what he will do next following the recent argument with Andy. Victoria is also stressed, so she leaves Robert a voicemail message warning him to stay away from the ceremony. Aaron’s heart breaks for her as he sees the upset Robert has caused and decides to confront him about his behaviour.

At the same time, a drunken and heartbroken Bernice is at a low and heads with purpose to Andy’s house. Later, the congregation awaits Katie’s arrival at the church, but will a dramatic entrance by Bernice threaten to halt proceedings? Or will Robert’s actions sabotage Andy and Katie’s chance of happiness?

Whatever happens, the day ends with a very steely Katie giving a serious warning to someone that they will soon be very sorry for what they have done.

Cain arrives at the Dingles’, explaining that his head is pounding from the non-stop arguing between Charity and Moira and he just wants five minutes alone. However, he fails to make it to the wedding – leaving Moira unhappy about being alone at the ceremony. Is something troubling Cain?

Finally, Megan has concerns that Jai only wants to marry her for Archie’s sake.

Later, Jai and Megan are out and are both alarmed when he suddenly sees Josh, the man who sold him Archie. Knowing it is Jai’s only possible link to Rachel’s whereabouts, Megan wants to do something – but will Jai let her?

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