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.Phil realises just how messed up Ronnie is when she reveals she has a gun.
This week sees the return of Sharon back in Walford, but she is still feeling vulnerable after her recent attack.   When Phil later heads to the Vic he is confronted by a drunk and deeply upset Shirley, when Ronnie steps in to help resolve the situation it’s not long before Shirley is shooting he mouth about Phil setting up the robbery in the Albert.

After Ronnie and Phil have a heart to heart, Phil is soon realising just how messed up Ronnie is when she admits she carries a gun around with her.

Phil later tracks down Shirley and warns her to stay away from both

.Dean catches Shirley in Blades..
him and Sharon and that she must pay back the £10’000 he lent her otherwise he will tell Mick about him being her son.
Deans Salon opening comes upon the Carters, but Shirley becomes distracted with her worrying about having to pay Phil back.  With her desperation at an all time high Shirley decides to make a heart breaking plan, when she lifts Deans keys from his pocket.  After everyone has left Shirley goes back to the salon to get the cash from the til but is caught by Dean.

Meanwhile, Sharon finds a gun in the house and is initially shocked but soon puts the pieces together and works out its Ronnie, she decides not to tell Phil and keep the gun for herself.

.Linda realises Johnny has stitched her up..
Elsewhere, an interfering Linda visits Johnny’s university lecturer behind his back, wanting him to reconsider her son’s results. When Johnny finds out what his mum has been up to, he gets his own back by persuading her to sing at the Carters’ packed-out karaoke event. Linda’s singing is terrible and it soon becomes clear that Johnny has stitched her up. When Linda and Johnny have a huge argument, Johnny finally loses it – saying some harsh words before packing a bag and leaving Walford.

..Mick faces his fears at the swimming pool.
Also, Billy is arranging a sponsored swim for Janet, Mick agrees to take part – even though he can’t swim and is terrified of water.

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