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.John Paul walks Porsche down the aisle ..
Maxine is repulsed at being back in Patrick’s bed, but pretends to be grateful to him for getting her release from prison. Dodger returns later and tells Theresa that Maxine is the one he wants to be with. Then he is devastated when Nico tells him that Maxine is back with Patrick.

After the newcomer made a pass at him, John Paul asks Lockie to call off the wedding. Meanwhile, Porsche is relieved when her sister Celene finally arrives.

Porsche does walk down the aisle, but John Paul interrupts as she and Lockie are saying their vowels. John Paul fears for his cousin’s happiness, but will he halt the ceremony?

Also, Dodger leaves one last message for Maxine in the hope that she still loves him, then he turns up at the McQueen wedding to

.Porsche looks for answers..
play happy families with Theresa.

Porsche and Lockie have tied the knot and the jubilant McQueens board the party train, oblivious to the danger ahead.

Maxine, hearing the message, decides that she cannot be apart from Dodger and gets a reluctant Sienna to drive her to the train station to find him. Unaware that Patrick has installed a spy app on her phone and is tracking their every move, Maxine continues to put her faith in a bitter Sienna, with disaster about to strike.

With a celebration turned tragedy on the party train, who will survive the devastation?

.The wedding party gets underway..
Maxine is relieved when someone finds her after she goes into labour in the railway hut. However, when her saviour turns out to be Patrick, the relief turns to fear.

As Theresa faces her fate, Sienna makes a heartbreaking discovery. There is more heartbreak as the deceased are carried away from the train.

Patrick brings more tragic news as he claims that Maxine died in labour.

Sienna is questioned about her part in the accident. Caught between her own heartbreak and a grieving family, Sienna flees the hospital, taking a hostage with her.

Kim tells Esther about Gracie’s attempt to take her own life,

.Carmel sees the train wreckage in full..
leaving their relationship over before it began. Esther is furious and confronts Grace-will she back out of their agreement?


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