Who will play Green Lantern – The Rumours begin

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..Who will play Green Lantern in 2020 DC Movie and Jusice Legaue.
Over the last year it seems that their is constantly a comicbook character that is being rumoured to be filled, or an actor being rumoured to be play a comic book part, at the moment that part is for DC Comics Green Lantern.

We had it before with Dwayne Johnson,  for a while it was being speculated what DC character he would be set to play, at first AquaMan was the part that was mooted around but that ultimately went to Jason Mamoa.

It was then said Johnson would take on the part of maybe Green Lantern, but that was squashed when he announced that the character he would play had never been played on the big screen before.  Shazam was then touted about with it finally being announced he would play Shazams nemesis Black Adam.

With Dwayne Johnsons removed from the Green Lantern Picture, and the announcement that their would be another Green Lantern solo movie in DC Comics line up for 2020, the speculation for the part began again.  This time eyes were cast back to Ryan Reynolds who joined the Green Lantern Corp in the 2011 movie which ended up being a flop.  But these rumours were quickly denied and they were completely put to bed when Ryan Reynolds was signed to Marvel as Deadpool.

Although we still have 5 years to go before the Green Lantern solo movie is scheduled for release, it is highly likely that they will want to have someone cast sooner rather than later to ensure they have the option to introduce the character in 2017 movie Justice League Part 1.

The Latino Review recently pointed towards Captain Kirk Actor ( No not William Shatner) Chris Pine,  making the following statement,

“HOT RUMOR! #GREENLANTERN UPDATE! The name I keep hearing & floating around, is Chris Pine for Hal Jordan. Yes, Captain Kirk. Again, this is still just a RUMOR hence UNCONFIRMED. Been hunting this one for a while so the search is still ongoing. How do you guys feel about it, IF again a big IF, it is indeed true? #HalJordan #JUSTICELEAGUE #DC #DCCU #batmanvsuperman #Warners”

At this point we don’t even know if Hal Jordan will be Green Lanterns alter ego, and although  Chris Pine certainly has the look of a superhereo it maybe that the Latino has their wires crossed, and he is in talks to play a different character similar to Dwayne Johnson.  I’m sure we will have confirmation of this in the coming months.

It was recently hinted that David Ramsey may take on the role of Green Lantern within the DC TV universe, which would see his Diggle Character in Arrow transform.

Who do you think should play Green Lantern, let us know in the comments below.

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