Who will be arrested Peter or Rob, Marcus finally packs his bags and will Lloyd learn the truth about Andrea – Coronation Street News

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Over lunch in the Bistro, Rob clocks Tracy’s new charm bracelet. Tracy admits that she found it in the ginnel but has claimed it as her own. Rob realises with horror that it’s the bracelet he stole from Tina and Steph’s flat. Will Steph see it and recognise it?With Number 1 declared a crime scene, Rob feels the heat as he is quizzed by the police about Tina’s bracelet. As the police start to move closer to making arrests and charging someone for Tina Murder, Rob starts to become snappy and irritated. When Tracy moans about Tina still being a pain in the neck even though she is dead Rob is quick to bite Tracy’s head off, leaving Tracy becoming the ever more suspicious over his actions. when the bracelet is later found outside number 1 the police start to search the place.

When Peter is finally arrested over Tina death Rob is full of relief, when the police interview Peter they ask why his fingerprints where

on the charm bracelet, and also reveal that Tina blood has been found in the out house. when Peter is charged is solicitor advise him to take a plea bargain, Peter is quick to sack his solicitor and continues to protest his innocence.

Elsewhere, Lloyd returns from his holiday and tells Andrea how much he has missed her and beg her to move in with him. under pressure, Andrea agrees to move in with Lloyd. In order to buy herself a bit of time, she tells him she’ll have to discuss it with her daughter. After confiding in Michelle over her situation she finally tells her husband that she is leaving him but denies having anyone

else. Later Michelle tell’s Steve about Andrea’s husband but will Steve be able to keep another secret or will he have to let Lloyd know the truth.

Also, Marcus is suspended from work for taking too much time off, so he tells Todd they can’t have any more nights out. Todd appears to be sympathetic and says Marcus should spend more time with Liam. At long last Marcus starts to see Todd for what he really is and goes to confide in Maria about whether it is time for him to move on and leave Weatherfield.

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