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It’s Cain’s 40th birthday and he is grumpy, thinking no fuss has been made. What he doesn’t know is that Moira is preparing a surprise party. Moira pulls together some surprises for Cain, who is bemused to turn up and find everyone with a mask of his face on.

Unfortunately, Moira is nowhere to be seen and when Cain tries to call her, he is alarmed to get through to a nurse who explains that Moira has been run off the road.

A guilty Kirin shakily admits to Rakesh that he drove home drunk last night. He then takes a deep breath before admitting that he might have hit someone and he is concerned it was Moira. Rakesh cannot believe what has happened and is further

incensed that Kirin has taken his damaged car to Cain’s garage.

At the same time, Cain has brought a shaken Moira home and is furious at whoever did this to her. Kirin is chilled to the bone to hear that Cain is out for revenge. Later, Aaron mentions the car to Cain, who quickly pieces it together, Cain is in a fury as he starts laying into Kirin, and it looks like nothing will stop him from beating him to a pulp. Rakesh sees what is happening and shouts at Cain, threatening to call the police. Knowing Rakesh has the weight of the legal system behind him, Cain snarls before shoving Kirin, telling him that he will be back later.

Moira is shocked to learn that it was Kirin who caused her accident, but can Vanessa stop her from calling the police?

Later Cain is shocked to learn from Charity how Debbie is trying to force a confession in order to shop her to the police. Charity explains that DI Bails has a grudge against her and how she wishes she and Debbie were back on track again. Later, Charity tells Debbie and Pete the truth about DI Bails and what happened in their past. Charity’s emotional account clearly has an impact on Debbie, but Charity realises she needs to do more.

Charity has slept at the police station, admitting to DI Bails that she would have changed her mind if she hadn’t. She explains why she is there. DI Bails then sets up the recorder – he needs her confession before he can give Pete immunity. Will Charity be able to go through with it, and can DI Bails be trusted to keep his


Elsewhere, Harriet invites a flattered Ashley to an ex-police colleague’s retirement lunch party, but Ashley is unaware that she has an ulterior motive. At the party she explains to Ashley that she wants his help, as she is trying to find Rachel for Ali. Ashley is dubious but relents and soon the pair put the plan into action. Harriet successfully swipes her old colleague DI Bails’ security pass, and sneaks away to his office where she locates Rachel’s police file. Unfortunately, Harriet is oblivious to the CCTV camera!

Meanwhile, it’s tense at Tall Trees with Ross there to see April, and Marlon is gobsmacked when April tells Ross that she wants to get out her fancy dress costumes again. It’s surprising news as April has not touched her fancy dress since her mother died. Soon afterwards, Ross is thrown when April talks about Donna and Marlon listens. Marlon later suggests another meet-up, but

Laurel walks in and is furious to see him there.

Also, Pete is stunned when DI Bails says the charges against him have been dropped. How will Debbie feel when she realises what Charity has done? Cain is pensive to hear Charity that has been charged. He feels protective, wanting to help. Debbie is also now worried about the consequences. Cain decides to turn to Rakesh and blackmail him into representing Charity in return to not going to the place regarding Krin.

Finally, obert is stressed by Chrissie’s accusations that Leyla is flirting with him. Feeling frustrated with how things are at home, Robert pulls over at the side of a road in a layby and texts Aaron, telling him that he has broken down.

Aaron smiles after receiving the text, but on arriving at the scene is sceptical that there is anything wrong with Robert’s car. Just what is Robert’s game?

Robert suddenly has second thoughts about his kiss with Aaron and pushes Aaron off him. He then drives off and Aaron is left feeling confused. Back home, Robert is feeling frustrated after his encounter with Aaron and soon he and Chrissie are passionately tearing at each other’s clothes. Chrissie is happy that she and Robert have made up, but it’s clear that Chrissie is not the only one on Robert’s mind.

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