Who killed Lucy Beale is revealed, whilst Dot looks to hand Nick in – Eastenders

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.Lauren waits anxiously for Emma's phone to charge..
Lauren is chilled by the discovery she has made and tries to find out more by attempting to guess the passcode for Emma’s phone.

Later, Lauren heads to Ian’s stag party at The Vic. Ian innocently offers her an alcoholic drink, causing her to rush out as she is overwhelmed. At Max’s office, Lauren tries to access Emma’s phone again but has no luck. With everything getting on top of her, Lauren spots a bottle of whiskey in the office.

.Max arrives on the hunt for Lauren..
Lauren continues to struggle after her discovery, prompting Max and Abi to become suspicious over her behaviour. After confronting Lauren, Max asks Stacey to talk to her but is soon shocked further when he learns that his daughter almost fainted.

Lauren reveals the truth to Stacey, but their conversation is interrupted when Max and arrives and demands answers. Once Lauren leaves, Stacey looks at the used pregnancy test that she has left

Lauren tells a stunned Stacey she knows what happened to Lucy
behind. What does it reveal?

Stacey is shocked when Lauren lets slip that she knows what really happened to Lucy. Stacey urges her to go to the police, but Lauren continues to take matters into her own hands by trying to break into Emma’s phone yet again.

Later, Lauren returns to Stacey’s but is soon left horrified when DI Keeble rings the buzzer and she realises that Stacey has called the police

.Dot tells Nick her decision about the drugs and says she wants to help him..
Elsewhere, it’s the day of Phil’s bail hearing and Sharon confidently warns Max that he will be back home soon. However, Phil deliberately gives Sharon the wrong time for his court appearance and goes missing upon his release. Where is he?

Meanwhile, Nick continues to urge Dot to get him some drugs. Fatboy notices that Dot is behaving strangely and after he finds a piece of paper from Nick, he follows her and catches her leaving some dodgy flats. Fatboy realises what is going o but , before Dot walks away, she pleads with Nick to turn

.Fatboy worries about Dot..
himself in and promises she’ll help him if he does.

As Dot continues to spend time with Nick, she is shocked when her villainous son reveals his true colours

Also, Roxy is pleased when she visits Ronnie in hospital and her sister’s pulse rate increases, but she is brought crashing back down to earth when the doctor explains that it doesn’t mean anything. Roxy tells Charlie that the doctors will try to wake Ronnie up again next week but if she doesn’t respond, there’s

.Roxy begs Ronnie to come round..
nothing more they can do for her.

Roxy and Charlie have a meeting with Ronnie’s doctor and hear more bad news when it’s explained that she could have brain damage even if she does wake up. Back on the Square, Roxy furiously confronts Charlie and demands to know why he didn’t push for answers and better treatment. How will Charlie react when Roxy asks if he wants Ronnie to die?

Finally, Ian is embarrassed over his drunken antics the night before and decides to organise a pre-wedding party to help repair the family’s reputation!

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