Who is the Father Dean or Mick ? Dot trials verdict is in will she be found guilty ? – Eastenders

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.Linda tells Mick to move on from the past.  ..
Mick and Shirley meet up at the café. Mick gives Shirley one final chance to do the right thing by kicking Dean out, but she once again refuses to choose between her sons.

Back at the Queen Vic, Linda urges Mick to move on from the past. She admits that he is dragging her down and needs to move on from what happened for everyone’s sake. An upset Mick responds by storming out, but when Linda tries to follow him, she takes a tumble down the stairs

.Buster and Mick have a heart to heart in the cafe. ..
Linda regains consciousness after her fall and is distraught when she can’t find Mick. Kat spots that Linda is injured and rushes to help, but she becomes further alarmed when Linda reveals that she can’t feel the baby move. The worrying situation escalates as Linda’s waters break, but Sonia rushes over after noticing the commotion. Sonia immediately springs into action, driving Linda to the hospital and encouraging Carol to find Mick.

At the same time, Buster takes Mick to the café after spotting that he is upset. The atmosphere is tense as

..Mick helps as Linda prepares to have her baby.
they talk about Dean, but just when it seems like they are finally understanding each other, they are interrupted by Carol and she breaks the news about Linda.

When Mick finally makes it to the hospital, it’s just as the doctors have finally found the baby’s heartbeat. As Linda enters the final stages of labour, she is united with Mick once again and they both apologise over their recent argument. Not long afterwards, Linda gives birth to a healthy baby.

..Dean confronts Linda about the baby.  .
Shirley is concerned when Dean reveals that he has seen the baby and is convinced that he is the real father. Shirley decides that she wants to see the baby for herself, but when Mick refuses, she goes off to the hospital with Dean and Buster regardless. Mick is unimpressed and orders Dean to leave, but Shirley insists that they need to do a DNA test for everyone’s sake.

Mick assures Linda that they don’t need to do a paternity test as the baby’s DNA isn’t important, but

.Dot's hearing takes place..
Shirley later remains adamant that the test needs to be done when she catches up with Mick at The Vic. Matters become even more complicated when Linda calls Mick in a panic, revealing that Dean has just arrived at the hospital. Later, Mick talks to a nurse at the hospital and hears of an easy way to discover the baby’s paternity. Mick decides to have the blood group confirmed despite Linda’s reluctance, but what will the result say

Mean while, Dot’s trial continues and Ronnie decides

.Everyone holds their breath as they get ready for the verdict‚..
to attend court in support of Charlie, who is giving evidence today. Everyone is relieved to hear that the missing witness still hasn’t been found, but it’s not long before the trial takes another unexpected turn.

Later, when Charlie gives his evidence, a distraught Dot can’t help interrupting. Dot reminds the judge that she is the one on trial rather than Nick, but her behaviour doesn’t go down well and she is ordered to keep quiet in court since she has opted not to give evidence herself. Deciding to give her side of the story after all, Dot bravely enters the witness box – but it soon becomes clear that she may have made a mistake when the prosecution turns her own evidence against her.

Also, as the tension grows between Ronnie and Vincent, he makes a threat that she can’t ignore. A scared Ronnie calls Charlie with the intention of coming clean, but she soon changes her mind and covers.

Later, as Ronnie is preparing to go to sleep, she turns the light on and is shaken to find Vincent sitting in her room. She is about to call for help, but Vincent stops her in her tracks by revealing that he knows what happened to Carl White.

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