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.Shirley, Sharon and Phil come face to face..
Phil and Sharon’s wedding day continues, and it’s time for them to exchange their vows. However, as Phil waits at the registry office surrounded by their wedding guests, there’s no sign of Sharon. Events take a further twist when Shirley arrives instead! Shirley has some home truths for Phil, while Sharon is also being forced to face facts back at The Vic. Will the wedding go ahead? Whatever happens, the gun which Shirley found in Sharon’s bag is now in her possession.

After the marriage proceeding turn out to be eventful, everyone returns to the VIC where speeches are given from Jay, Ben, Phil, Aunt Sal, Sharon and Shirley there are some devastating and irreversible revelations.

Ronnie tells a shocked Charlie that he is the father of her baby
with the gun firmly in Sharon possession, a shot is fired and heard ringing through out Walford, but who got shoot?

Meanwhile, Roxy has realised that Ronnie is pregnant with Charlie’s baby, so she avoids the wedding so that she can quiz her sister for information. However, Roxy also has to open up over her own relationship as she tells Ronnie about Aleks being married. Ronnie decides to start resolving matter in her own life and tell charlie about her being pregnant with his baby, Ronnie insists that she can look after the baby alone, and although Charlie doesn’t argue, Dot is adamant that this is the wrong move.

Also, Abi feels uneasy when Aunt Sal mistakes Lola for Jay’s girlfriend. Ben is also concerned for Abi, telling her that he thinks Jay is in love with Lola. Later a drunken Abi gets a

..EastEnders: 4934: 2014-09-30.
devastating setback when Jay ends their relationship, telling her that he needs to stay in Walford. Abi is convinced that Lola is behind Jay’s decision and snaps.


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