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With Priya being rushed to hospital with stomach pains, it’s not long before Jai and David both arrive to be with her.  After an initial worry that the baby could be in trouble, it’s not long before David is being told that he can now see his baby. As they stand over looking on at their new born David assures Priya that she will make a good mum.  When David starts to pressure Priya about her eating the heart monitor starts to beep indicating that there is something wrong.  Although later all seems to be ok with the baby David starts to insist that Priya keep her strength up by eating, Priya starts to read
a little more into Davids concern over her health.  When Davids goes to visit her the next day Priya tells a delighted David that she has decided to name the baby Amber Metcalfe.

Elsewhere, Charity goes to the clinic to get her medication to proceed with her termination. When later Charity tells Declan that she has stomach cramps Megans thinks she pulling a fast one, but Declans is insistent she go home to rest. When Megan see’s Charity later, she starts to make digs at her which leads into a row during the heat of the

moment Megan unintentionally knocks Charity over.  When Charity initially falls over she instantly see’s an opportunity, she insists to Megan that she doesn’t want to go to hospital as there is no need to alarm Declan, Megan apologies thick and fast and is racked with guilt, charity uses the opportunity to milk it. When Charity eventually ends up at the hospital the Sonograph can’t find a heart beat.  Declans emotions go out of control and he breaks down.  When Megan arrive she asks Charity if she will be telling Declan about her fall, Chairty is unsure what to do for the best but when Charity blackmails her will she tell Declan herself.

Meanwhile, After Dan explains to Kerry about why he doesn’t want to marry her, Kerry is left upset.  But it’s not long before Dan is feeling guilty and worried that he may loose her for good so makes a spontaneous proposal much to Kerry delight.

Also, Finn starts to dig himself a deeper hole keeping up his pretense that he is Declan in front of his boyfriend.

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