When can we see Blacklist episode 11 – Is Red her dad ?

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blacklistSo after finishing episode 9 with agent Ressler and Red stuck in the box,  whilst making some sort of prayer as he thinks his right hand man is about to be shot.  It’s time for a slight curve ball as Lizzie is captured and put on her knees to be shot, Red quickly gets the code out of Agent Ressler to ensure that she is spared by Garrick.

It’s the first time we have seen Red ( James Spader) on the defending end not knowing his next move and left at the mercy of Garrick. More blood is spilt through out this episode seeing Red being cut open for them to obtain the tracker as he signals to Lizze to use a nearby defibrillator to help aid her escape, but not before Red give’s her a secret message regarding Mr Kaplan.

Eventually Red does escape, not before being tortured and Lizzie finding out that she has been spied upon from the house across the road, and Tom delivering an ultimate blow about moving to Nevada.

Lizzie eventually receive’s a call from Reddington letting him know that he is safe, in return Lizzie lets him know that the FBI have initiated a man hunt for him, Lizzie then has the chance to ask whether he is her dad.  After a long pause Red says his not and warns her again of her nerdy looking husband Tom.

Is there really something wrong with Tom, or is this just a psychological game for Red, is Tom some sort of double agent and able to beat lie detector test.  Surely Red must be her Dad but we can only assume is keeping it away to ensure that no one finds out and she become a target of his enemies.  Or will there be a huge twist come the end of this season in this thought-provoking Thriller/Drama.

So we await episode 11, at present no UK Air dates has been announced for part 2 of season 1, however the US have announced that it will be back out there January 13th.  If we follow suit as before we should see it on our screens on the 17th January.   We will keep you posted with a confirmed date as soon as we have it.

* Since this post was written it has been confirmed that Sky Living will be bring back part 2 of season 1 on the 28th Janaury at 9pm *

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