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Debbie is concerned for Cain and suggests that he goes home to get some sleep. Later Cain is horrified as Debbie’s car has broken down and he is aware that it’s his fault. Despite this, Cain is more than happy to let hapless Dan take the blame and soon goes even further when Dan confronts him over it.

That evening, Moira voices her concerns to Charity, wondering what could be going on with Cain. Charity is just as clueless, but she knows something isn’t right. Alone in the garage that evening, Cain feels a sharp pain in his head and collapses. He quickly regains consciousness and is getting up just as Charity

arrives. Will Cain manage to convince her that he’s okay?

Charity is determined to find out what is wrong with Cain, while Debbie is disgusted that Cain has re-hired Ross and refuses to work with him. A sullen Dan is also shocked to see that Ross has taken his job. Cain is left in turmoil when Charity threatens to tell Moira everything, knowing that he collapsed last night.

Later, Charity panics when Cain explains his symptoms and she insists he goes straight to A&E. As they wait at the hospital, Charity supportively holds his hand but Cain wants to see the doctor alone and soon is shocked when he is told what is wrong with

him. Cain is terrified to learn that he has an aneurysm that will require an operation straight away.

Unable to cope with what he has just learnt, Cain rushes out, lying to Charity that his symptoms are simply stress and alcohol related. Charity is unsure whether to believe him, but Cain flees the hospital as he tries to hide his terror.

Soon Charity is completely floored when Cain admits what is wrong and how he could die at any moment. As Cain bites back his emotions, he explains that having the operation is a risk but threatens to kick Charity and Noah out if she tells anyone. Charity doesn’t agree and heads to Butlers Farm to tell Moira, but is interrupted.

Cain arrives home and is uneasy when Moira reveals plans for them to take a holiday abroad. Scared of the dangers, Cain snaps at her, leaving her feeling hurt. Cain is soon spoiling for a fight in The Woolpack and Charity is forced to intervene, threatening to tell everyone the truth if Cain doesn’t calm down. Chas is alarmed, wondering what Charity has over Cain – certain something is going on.

Charity broods over Cain’s ultimatum but is soon motivated to stand by her convictions when Noah expresses fears for his future

after her court case. Moira is floored when Charity reveals Cain’s diagnosis to her and how he urgently needs an operation.

Unbeknownst to them, a disorientated Cain collapses and falls into a freezing cold river. Kirin and Vanessa find Cain floating unconscious in the river and Kirin drags his lifeless body out while Vanessa calls for an ambulance. The paramedics are treating Cain when Moira, Debbie and Charity arrive and they all fear the worst, as it doesn’t look hopeful. Later at the hospital they all struggle with their emotions as they await news.

Meanwhile, Pete tells Finn that they’re better off without Emma, but Moira is torn and tells Pete that Finn has a right to know his

mother. Pete goes to The Woolpack and tries to convince Victoria to dissuade Finn from seeing his mum, but he can see that he is wasting his time. Will Finn listen to his family?

Elsewhere, Robert is unnerved when Katie threatens to tell Chrissie about his affair with ‘A’. Chas speculates that it could be Alicia, while Aaron is unnerved to learn that Katie has been looking on Robert’s phone. Robert is later panicked as Aaron reveals that Katie has been speaking to Chas about his affair. Robert means business when he threatens Katie to stay quiet, using the wedding rings as collateral. This is war between Katie and Robert and the battle lines have been drawn…

Later, Katie notes that Alicia has bought herself a new dress, suspecting an affair with Robert. Robert tells Katie and Andy that he’s trying to make amends, but Katie still can’t trust him. Later, Aaron is frustrated when Robert insists they can’t risk being together now Katie has suspicions. Katie’s fears grow as she watches Robert flirt with Alicia at The Woolpack. Robert is interested to hear of her suspicions and is determined to use them to his advantage.

Chas and Katie’s suspicions grow when Chas sees a flirty Alicia and Robert driving off together. Andy is concerned when Chas informs him that she too suspects something is going on between Robert and Alicia. Soon Robert publicly humiliates Katie. Later, Aaron is

conflicted when Robert says they are back in business, but Aar

Finally, Also, Adam and Aaron get bad news about their forthcoming business venture, Adam also has a plan of action in place to get back with Victoria, but will it work?

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