Whats Jim got in store for Peter, Lloyd and Andrea rekindle & Nick has a cunning plan – Coronation Street News

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Ken tries to prepare Peter for his plea hearing, but a depressed Peter reckons he might as well plead guilty. Back at home Ken is frustrated, while Rob is secretly relieved.

Later, a hungover Peter visits Jim in his cell begging for more alcohol. Jim insists that if he loves his son, he needs to stand up and fight for his innocence, When Tracy and Ken return from the hearing they are both delighted after Peter pleading not guilty, when Rob hears the news his heart sinks. Back inside, Peter tells Jim that he took his advice and pleaded not guilty. Jim promises that he’ll find Peter some alcohol in return for some biscuits. Desperate Peter steals his cellmate’s sweets and quickly guzzles the booze.

Meanwhile, having spent the night with Lloyd, Andrea tries to make peace with Jenna. However, Jenna is hostile, especially when Lloyd suggests that Andrea should move in. Later, Neil approaches them in the street and begs Andrea to give him another chance. Later, Jenna finds herself duped into having dinner with Lloyd and Andrea. Can the two women sort out their differences. When Jenna later speaks to Sophie about the situation, Jenna goes onto announce that it’s time she did something with her life and she’s going to do volunteer work overseas. Lloyd is gutted as Jenna bids farewell to the street.

Also, Gary is concerned about the cheap building materials being used on Tyrone’s loft conversion, but Todd tells him to shut up or he’ll lose his job

Finally, when Nick sees Leanne, Kal, David and Alya all laughing together in the café, he suddenly clutches his head and cries out in pain. As everyone gathers round Nick, Roy wants to call an ambulance. However, Nick makes out that he’s a had a few similar attacks and they’re brought on by stress. After Nick leaves, Leanne and Kal feel terrible – but when Nick reveals to David that he faked his seizure to make them feel guilty, David is appalled. When Leanne then offers to put the divorce on hold if the stress is causing his seizures, will Nick come clean about his dirty tricks?

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