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Published On January 30, 2014 » 1270 Views» By Darren Dimmick » SOAP

kat and alfieKat tells Bianca that Alfie is back. She heads off to meet him at a hotel, but is left confused by a surprise encounter on the way. She is not too sure how to deal with the person she has seen and has left Kat in a dilemma.  So she is putting a plan together as life becomes interesting for Kat.

There’s more trouble in store for Tamwar as new boss Aleks continues to pile on the pressure. Some money has gone missing and although we’re pretty sure it was last seen being pocketed by Aleks in The Vic, the new market inspector is placing the blame squarely on his helpless assistant. With Tamwar still on probation, will he manage to hold onto his job?

Linda, Whitney, Johnny

Else where Linda is refusing to accept Johnny is gay and looks to play cupid, trying to match make him with Whitney, inviting them bother round for a meal.  When Johnny realises what she is playing at he looses his cool and Mick is left to play mediator again.  Whitney suggest that he should get a boyfriend to help his mum get used to the idea.

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