What’s Gavins secret ?, Tracy plans to take revenge on Carla – Coronation Street News

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Gavin calls at Number 8 and assures Michael that he just needed time to think after finding out about the heart condition. Thrilled to have his son back in his life, Michael urges Gavin to see a doctor and get his heart checked out. Gavin agrees, but picking up his phone we discover Gavin is hiding a secret of his own!

Tracy surveys her dwindling stock and worries that her business is going down the pan. When Tony calls in the shop and tries again to tempt her with some dodgy stock, will Tracy have a change of heart? Whatever her decision, Tony tells Liz that he intends to take over Tracy’s business!

Later, Tracy watches ruefully as Carla and Michelle head off for

their spa day. When Ken then hands her a set of keys which Emily found in one of Rob’s jackets, Tracy realises they’re the keys to the factory and forms a plan.

Elsewhere, Sally gives Alya a tour of the factory and shows her the ropes. Feeling patronised, Alya is forced to grit her teeth. Will Tim be able to do the same as Sally gives him a reading lesson?

Meanwhile, Using Rob’s keys, Tracy lets herself into Underworld and trashes Carla’s office in a rage. When a stunned Carla walks in, the two women fight and Carla threatens to call the police. But when Tracy breaks down and tells her how much she loves Rob, will Carla relent? Can the pair sort out their differences and move on? having been left to lock up, Alya invites Gary into the factory hoping for some time alone, but they are disturbed when they hear Tracy enter. In a panic, Alya

bundles Gary into the loading bay.

Later, Carla hands Michelle a cheque to cover Tracy’s debts and pay off the wedding suppliers. When Michelle calls in Barlow’s Buys and tells Tracy that she is off the hook as Carla has paid her debts, Tracy become even more infuriated. Tracy pours over her accounts, worried at the lack of business. Ken points out that she should be grateful Carla has paid off her wedding debts.

Finally, when Kevin buys a posh second hand sofa but fails to get it through the door of Number 13, Tim offers to take it off his hands, thinking it will impress Sally. However, Sally hates the

sofa and demands Kevin swaps back again. Kevin refuses and Sally is furious, but when she discovers how expensive the sofa is, she soon has a change of heart.  Not long after, the wife of the sofa seller calls in at the garage, telling Kevin that she would like it back. She explains that her husband only sold it out of spite as they’re getting divorced. Kevin panics and clearly smitten by Diane, he tells her that he sold the sofa to a random guy in the pub. Diane insists they go for a drink to see if they can find him.

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