What will Mick do to Dean, Lauren discovers Emma clue to Lucy Murder – Eastenders

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..Shirley gives Dean a ticket and tells him to leave London immediately.
Dean is left devastated as gossip that he is a rapist starts to spread around Walford. Business at Blades begins to struggle as a result and although he tries to fight back by putting on a special promotion, things get worse when staff members quit. Dean then offers to take Lola out to discuss her position at Blades.

Soon afterwards, things come to a head between Dean and Shirley when he discovers that she has bought him a ticket to leave London.

.Mick demands a word with Dean..
Dean is adamant that he won’t be leaving Walford despite Shirley’s suggestion. Business is still poor at Blades, but Dean gets a boost when Denise shows where her loyalties lie by quitting her job at The Vic.

Later, Mick and Linda are disappointed to hear that they will have to wait six weeks before a decision is made over whether Dean will be charged. Deciding to take matters into his own hands just as customers have started to return to Blades, Mick arrives and demands a word with Dean.

.Stan continues to beg Tina to help him die.
The Carters worry when they realise that a furious Mick has gone missing with Dean. What will Mick do?

Meanwhile, Stan’s condition is deteriorating but Mick clashes with Tina by telling her that what he is asking them to do is unfair. As Stan’s secret plans come to light among everyone, Tina doesn’t get the backing she expected when Mick calls a family vote. With Shirley also distracted, Tina is left on her own to contemplate whether Stan’s pain should be ended for good.

.Masood makes it to the finish line after Kush's help..
Elsewhere, its the week of the half-marathon and Masood is keen to prove himself, while Shabnam is still hiding her running talent from Kush. When it seems that Masood might not finish at all, Kush helps out by giving him a piggyback over the line. Shabnam is delighted with her father’s efforts and tells him that the inheritance money belongs to him.

When the half-marathon is a successful day for Peter, Lauren takes the celebrations a step further at The Vic by asking him to marry her.

Lauren asks a delighted Peter to marry her
Also, As Max leaves the Branning house with some flowers to put on Emma’s grave, Lauren hides Emma’s case file on Lucy.

Later, Lauren notices that a piece of paper is stuck to her shoe and realises that it’s the missing piece of paper from Emma’s case file. Lauren is shellshocked when she realises what the paper means…

Finally, Jane gets upset when she learns that her mother won’t be attending the wedding. With this on

.Shabnam and Kush kiss..
her mind, she makes a bad decision while bridal dress shopping and Ian is surprised when he spots her wearing an unflattering outfit. Jane feels even worse and storms out, leaving Sonia to comfort her by taking her out for a drink. When Sonia urges Jane to remember that it’s her big day and she should ignore her mum’s comments, Jane rewards Sonia’s support by making her matron of honour.

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