What is Pam’s secret about the Lucy Beale case ? Will Linda have an abortion ? – Eastenders News

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.A distraught Pam arrives with a birthday cake..
Pam is struggling with her ongoing fear that Emma could discover her secret.  Max also piles on pressure by turning up at Les’s workplace and demanding an explanation about what happened last night. Billy forces Max to leave, but becomes suspicious when Emma turns up too and a frightened Pam hides out the back.

Later, Pam offers to collect an unwell Janet from school but annoys Billy by taking too long to return with her. Billy is even more concerned after Les starts to confide in him about what’s going on. When Pam finally returns with Janet, she faces Billy’s anger. Not wanting to lose a close friend, Pam reveals her dark secret to Bill, but then starts to worry that he may go to the police.

..Linda tells Mick that she doesn't want another baby.
Meanwhile, Emma isn’t pleased when she learns the outcome of her job situation. Later at The Vic, a drunken Emma tells Max that she is ready to move in with him, but she later storms out after an argument between them.

Elsewhere, Mick tells Linda that he has changed his mind and does want another baby, but there is a tense atmosphere when she doesn’t agree. Mick confides in Stan, who is surprisingly supportive.

Later, Linda makes a phone call to an abortion clinic and books a phone appointment for advice at 7pm. Soon afterwards, Mick agrees to help out Alfie by looking after the twins for a while to give Kat a break. Linda isn’t keen on the idea of getting close to the twins, but she eventually relaxes amid the difficult

.EastEnders: 4958: 2014-11-11..
situation. Mick decides to spend some more quality time with Linda. He suggests a date night and they both agree when Sharon invites them over for a drink at The Albert. However, Linda has to make an excuse to leave early so that she can head home for her call with the clinic. When Linda speaks to an advisor, what will she decide to do?

Also, Sonia confides in Linda about the troubled state of her marriage and admits that she is worried Martin no longer loves her. When Sonia leaves The Vic, she tears up the charity cheque following the successful calendar and makes a phone call to

Finally, when Fatboy asks Carol to check whether everything is okay with Dot, she soon discovers that Nick is back. Dot assures

..Sonia tells Linda that Martin isn't interested in her anymore.
Carol that everything is fine and she should stay away.

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