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..Peter proposes to Lauren.
As the Beale family prepare a welcome home lunch for Peter, Ian starts to look through Lucy’s phone. He doesn’t get to see much as he is interrupted by the arrival of Lauren, who has come to help out. The Beales soon hear that Peter has missed his connecting flight and is still hours away from returning, forcing them to have the family lunch without him.

Later, Ian confides in Jane about how he feels he never really knew Lucy and that she hated him. Jane urges Ian to see sense and starts to read Lucy’s text messages aloud, hoping to prove how much he meant to his daughter. However, Jane soon stumbles across an unsent message and Ian is shocked when he sees who it was meant for.

.Sonia collapses in The Vic..
Soon afterwards, Peter finally returns from New Zealand and heads straight to see Max, wanting his permission to ask for Lauren’s hand in marriage. Although Max is initially shocked, he is quickly won over by Peter’s obvious love for Lauren. Helping to create the special moment, Max gathers family and close friends at the Branning house to witness Peter’s surprise proposal to Lauren. However, once Peter asks the question, Ian rushes out of the house.

As Lee, Tamwar and Cindy watch a funny video which Lola recorded on Fatboy’s mobile, Lee realises that it was filmed on the night of Lucy’s murder.

Lee also spots something on the video which makes him realise that someone has lied about their alibi…

.Marta hugs Aleks..
Elsewhere, Pam starts asking Carol questions about Sonia’s whereabouts, revealing that the charity money still hasn’t been transferred. When Sonia finally arrives home, Carol and Rebecca question why she hasn’t been returning their messages. However, it soon becomes clear that Sonia is unwell. She initially blames a hangover but when her excuses don’t ring true, Sonia tells Carol that she went to a boot camp to lose some extra pounds and may have overdone it.

Sonia is still feeling unwell but she focuses her attention on the Fat Blasters Christmas party, which she has invited Martin to. She continues to make excuses when Pam asks about the calendar money, promising that it will be in the account by tomorrow. Tina continues to worry about her friend looking so drained, but Sonia assures her that everything is fine.

.EastEnders: 4969: 2014-12-02..
Later at the weigh-in, Sonia is congratulated by all as she has lost the most weight out of everyone. However, when they move to The Vic for the celebrations, Sonia is distracted by Martin’s absence. In the end, Sonia’s guilt becomes too much and she makes a speech to confess everything. As Sonia begins to reveal her misdeeds, she suddenly collapses.

Also, Aleks has been absent over the weekend with his wife Marta. He tries to make it up to an oblivious Roxy by buying her a dress, intending to take her out to dinner. However, when Marta shows up and spots the dress, Aleks is forced to give it to her and pretend that it was going to be a surprise gift. When Alek finally takes Roxy out he is spotted by Marta, As Alek later speaks with Marta in the playground, Charlie spots them together and heads over. Charlie is shocked when Marta

.Martin opens up to Sonia..
introduces herself as Aleks’s wife. Once they’re alone, Charlie warns Aleks to tell Marta that he wants a divorce – otherwise he’ll tell Roxy everything.

Despite Charlie’s warning, Aleks’s worlds collide when Roxy and Marta come face-to-face. Who will come out on top?

Finally, Martin Returns to Walford.

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