What is Kim hiding, who is after Kat and will Shirley learn the truth about Dean – Eastenders

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..Nancy goes to the hospital with Shirley.
The party at The Vic is interrupted when the police arrive with some worrying news about Dean. Shirley refuses to believe the news, but Nancy quickly realises that Linda has lied to her. The police encourage Shirley to go to the hospital but when she asks Mick to accompany her, he refuses.

Not long afterwards, Linda and Mick panic when they learn that Nancy has gone with Shirley instead. When Nancy returns, she encourages Mick to tell Shirley the truth about what happened to Dean.

.Shirley and Sharon have an unusual heart to heart..
Later, Sharon bumps into Shirley and offers sympathies. Despite their hatred for each other, the two women sit down together and Sharon encourages Shirley to fight for both of her children. Sharon then makes a decision of her own, revealing to Abi that she is going to look for her father.

When Shirley decides to take Sharon’s advice, she warns Mick that she won’t be choosing between her two sons as she loves them both. As Shirley leaves, Nancy follows her out and is about to reveal all…

..Elaine notices that Linda can't bring herself to look at the baby on the monitor.
When the day of Linda’s scan arrie she isn’t looking forward to the occasion. Linda’s family join her for the appointment, except for Nancy – who is rebuked by Stan for sulking so much. Elaine and Lee are delighted when they get a chance to see the baby and hear that everything is okay, but Mick and Linda both seem to be struggling.

Later, Elaine asks her daughter what is wrong and Linda explains that she has received a call to reveal that her case has been referred to the CPS, but she is still waiting to hear whether Dean will be charged. Opening up further to her mum, Linda breaks down

.Kat lunges at Linda when she is accused of being a bad mother..
and reveals her fears.

Meanwhile, the pressure increases for Kat when she has to collect Tommy from nursery because he is sick. With Stacey at a job interview, Kat has to leave the kids with a disgruntled Mo.

Later, Kat shows her support to a struggling Kim by taking her to The Vic, but Mo is annoyed when she spots Kat there and leaves the kids with her. Mick and Linda are stunned when they return home and find

Kat helping herself
..Linda surprises Mick with a picnic in the park and they have a heart to heart..
at the bar, while the three kids are unattended. Things get worse when Tommy throws up, prompting Linda to kick her out with some harsh words. Despite the reprimand, Kat continues to party at home, which concerns Stacey.

Kat and Kim cause further chaos by using Denise’s spare keys to break into The Vic and steal wine, but they are quickly caught by Linda. When Linda demands that they pay up, Kim heads off to get some cash but isn’t able to as the Tube station is locked. Kim then receives a text from Vincent and notices a car

.Linda and Mick share a kiss..
with its headlights on, which causes her to flee – but what is she so afraid of? And why does the person in the car then drive towards her?

Over at the pub, Linda continues to clash with Kat and calls social services. Kat loses it in response, pushing Linda into a table and causing the phone to go flying across the floor. Linda tells Kat that she wasn’t really going to report her, but the altercation is interrupted when Kim and Shirley both rush into The

..Denise and Kim are delighted when Dr Burham tells them the baby is doing well.
Vic. Kim then has to explain everything about the baby’s father. As the heart-to-heart continues, all four women start to share their own worries and thoughts on motherhood – but can they all support each other?

Back outside, the man in the car makes a call about Kat and tells the person on the other end that he has ‘found her’…

A hungover Kat is left in a panic when social services call her, revealing that they need to visit despite Linda getting back in touch to say that last night was a mistake. Soon afterwards, Kat receives a knock on the door.

Meanwhile, Linda also decides that it’s time for her and Mick to get life back to normal. Things don’t go to plan initially, but she decides to recreate a picnic that she and Mick had years ago and the couple open up about their feelings.

Finally, Kim and Denise receive the good news that Pearl is on the mend, but Kim’s mood doesn’t last for long when she arrives at the hospital to find a bear with the message “I love you Daddy”. Kim assumes it’s from Vincent. Later, Kim struggles with her secret and decides to tell Patrick the truth about Vincent.

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