What else can we expect from Arrow season 3 – Who killed Sara Lance – Spoilers Beware

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Arrows season 3 hit screens in the UK last week, so now we are 2 episodes into the 3rd season and the US is 5 episodes in what else can we expect from the series.

Firstly for those of you that are watching both The Flash and Arrow the joint team up will hit TV screens in the US on December 2nd and December 3rd.  This means that the UK wont get to see the episodes until the new year.

Roy and Felicity are set to get a bit steamier after her short-lived relationship with Oliver didn’t go very far.

Oliver will also soon find out that Laurel is training with Ted Grant, much to his dismay. “The dynamic has been very adversarial” between the former lovers, Stephen Amell shares. “What she wants and what he’s prepared to reciprocate are at odds with one another, and that carries through the fall.” There’s also the fact that he’s not thrilled that she’s keeping Sara’s death hidden from Captain Lance. However, “it is Laurel’s decision, it is not Oliver’s,” Amell concedes. “And he’s not gonna step on that. He has the ability to disagree without taking matters into his own hands.”

The show is set to delve further into Felicity past with flash backs, and will eventually build up to a climax in episode 6 when Starling city comes under a threat from a cyber attack.

Who killed Sara Lance, well there is a shocking revelation when Roy Harper see’s her murder in his dreams and in that dream it’s by his very own hand. Although this could be a red herring of course the other suspect is Malcolm Merlyn. But the speculation is that because Roy took the Mirakuru serum in season 2 some one out there is able to control him, and that although he killed Sara he did it unwillingly.

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