Wesley Snipes joins cast of Endgame

Published On February 25, 2015 » 803 Views» By Darren Dimmick » News, TV
.Weley snipes joins cast of Engame..
We recently revelaed that Strike Backs Phillip Winchester will be playing Sniper Alex new series Endgame, with it now being announced that Wesley Snips is to join the cast.

Wesley Snipes will play Johnson, the unflappable pit boss for The Game (the shadowy group at the centre of the conspiracy). He keeps an eye on the big picture but is also capable of cleaning up a mess when things spiral too far out of control.

Snipes was last seen in a regualr TV series role back in 1990 when he starred in the short lived series H.E.L.P, in the through out the 1990’s Snipes was was seen in a number of blockbuster movies with his break out role being in Passenger 57, he then went on to take lead roles in movies such as Demolition Man, Murder at 1600 and U.S. Marshals before taking on the part of the Marvel character Blade.

Along with Winchester and Snipes the NBC series is set to star Empires Damon Gupton, who will play Cal Brown, a homicide detective for the Las Vegas Police Department and one of Alex’s (Philip Winchester) close friends.

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