Universal Pictures and their Monster Universe, Draucla Untold to be it’s first step.

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Universals Monster universe.
Universal Pictures have announced that Dracula untold is the first step in their monster universe.

With Marvel studio creating one of the most profitable movie franchises in the world with the Avengers comic characters, along with their solo outings its no wonders that other studios are jumping on that band wagon.

Fox have been recently working their X-Men characters giving them spin offs solo series,  Sony is now looking to do the same with Spiderman with the next big project the ‘Sinster Six’.  Of course Warner Bros have now followed suit  owning the entire rights to the DC Comics characters starting with the Man of Steel, and to follow with the highly anticipated Batman v Superman.

As Universal Pictures don’t own the rights to any Comic book characters, they have decided to go down an  alternate route with a monster universe, with the recently released Luke Evans starring movie Dracula Untold the first.

Although Dracula untold was given the nod before Universal had even started on the Shared Monster universe concept, Dracula untold is now the first stepping stone towards this.

Universal have a long history with Monster movies with their first ever monster movie being Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde in 1913.

Since then they have gone to acquire the rights and produce a whole list of monster themed movies including, Frankenstein, The Mummy , The Invisible Man, Werewolf of London and of course Dracula.

At present Universal have not revealed exactly what characters are expected to join this monster universe, but we are sure that announcement will be made over the coming months.

See the Dracula untold trailer below.

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