Tyrone threatens to take Jason to court & Rob begins to panic – Coronation Street News

Published On September 4, 2014 » 485 Views» By Darren Dimmick » SOAP

Tyrone and Fiz burst into the builders yard, accusing Jason of using illegal flooring which meant Tyrone could have died. Jason feels terrible. Weighed down with guilt, he tries to explain to Tyrone how the sub-standard boarding was Todd’s idea and he knew nothing about it. However, Tyrone is incensed and tells Jason that he’ll be reporting him to the building inspector and he can kiss goodbye to his business. Jason frantically tries to talk Tyrone round but but his mind is made up. Later. Eileen and Evan ask Tony to try and to speak with Fiz about the situation, but Fiz takes it the wrong way and thinks Tony is threatening her.

Meanwhile, when Carla suggests telling the police what Peter said, Rob desperately tries to convince her that she’d be wasting her time as Peter’s mind was fuddled with drugs. Rob later panics when he overhears Owen and Gary discussing a building job they’re about to start at the very place where he disposed of the murder weapon and stolen goods. After heading to the site, Rob attempts to retrieve the items. Back on the street, Rob tries to stop Ken from talking to Carla by offering to drive him to the hospital to visit Peter. However, Rob is terrified when his car is pulled over by the police with the murder weapon and stolen goods in the boot. Is Rob’s crime about to be uncovered?

Also, with the preassure of Max and being kept up by Lilly Kylie resorts to taking Max’a tablets.


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