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.Tony tries to stop Cindy..
Diane and Finn’s return to the village causes another near-miss for Tony and Sinead. Also, while they are absorbed in a moment of passion, Cindy enters the flat following Rhys’s instructions, to kidnap Dee-Dee, who she thinks is baby Katy. When Tony realises  the twins’ buggy is missing, he spots Cindy rushing through the village with it. A bus drives in her direction so Tony shouts at her and pushes her out of the way. Cindy thinks the bus has hit Rhys and is devastated. Cindy gets on the bus and drives away after Holly and Dirk try to make her realise that she is unwell. Have they lost her for good? Although Dirk promises to be there for Holly and Hilton, can they support each other during this tough time?

..Dirk and Holly stick together.
At last, Tony is ready to tell Diane about him and Sinead, but who will he ultimately choose?

Elsewhere, while Ste and Finn are in The Hutch kitchen sharing some wine, John Paul is mortified to overhear Ste telling Finn about their relationship. Confused by his sudden outburst, Ste chases John Paul back to the McQueens’ house. What he doesn’t realise is that Finn is John Paul’s rapist. When he has his own suspicions about it, Ste decides to take the law into his own hands.

Meanwhile, a package arrives from Big Bob for Trevor to deliver, just as he and Grace are on their way to their IVF appointment.

.Ste chases Finn..
When Peri hints to Ste that she heard him with someone in his room, he can’t remember a thing. Who did Ste sleep with?

Sienna is oblivious to Nico’s plans to meet her father after she told her his name was Ben Baxter.

.Ste and Sinead enjoy the disco..
When she discovers where Nico has gone she panics, but is she too late?

When she gets a call about Joe following Grace’s revenge over the failed mission, Lindsey’s heart sinks.

It’s exam results day but will the Roscoe boys and Esther pass with flying colours?

So she can smuggle the SIM card into prison, Mercedes fashions Lindsey’s hair into a ridiculous bee-hive but will her mission be a success?

Finally, Ste begs John Paul not to give up on him….

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