Tom Clancy “Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit” News and Trailer

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JackRyan_shadowrecruitTom Clancy, Jack Ryan is set to make another return in Shadow Recruit played by Chris Pine ( Captain Kirk).  After already having been portrayed by Alec Baldwin ( The Hunt for the Red October), Ben Affleck ( The Sum of Fears), and probably most famously by Harrison Ford ( Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger), we will see a slight new take on the CIA agent.

In previous incarnations of Jack Ryan we have seen him as a CIA Analyst who by the end of the film proves him self as the hero after being thrown in the deep end.  This time very early on we will see Jack being made operational and working as a field agent.

Kiera Knightly will be starring in a supporting role as Jack Ryan wife, along with Kevin
Costner playing CIA agent William Harper.  According to DenofGeek in an interview with Costner he said

““I was offered the Jack Ryan series back in the very beginning, and I couldn’t do it. I think it was Hunt For Red October was the first one. I couldn’t do it because I had already postponed Dances With Wolves for one year, and now I had a chance to do this Red October but I had already assembled this crew and I’d put my money into it, and then they offer me really a lot of money, more than I had ever seen to do Hunt For Red October, and I said, ‘You know, “no” doesn’t mean more, it’s just no.'”

In UK cinemas January 24th.

See the Trailer.


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