Things start to get Steamy for Linda and Dean, Ian confess all to Phil – Eastenders News

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.Stan wants answers from Mick..
An upset Linda tries to hold her head high following Cora’s decision to humiliate Mick in the Queen Vic last week. However, her confidence takes a knock when Sharon brushes her off and she hears some of the locals talking about her. With Linda feeling vulnerable, Dean is happy to take advantage of this situation by taking her off to Blades to comfort her.

Johnny, Nancy and Lee are all upset over Cora’s behaviour too, which leads to Nancy arguing with Lauren over what happened. When Lauren later confronts Cora, she is forced to reveal that Rainie was the prostitute who was caught with Mick. With the Carters all feeling the pressure Mick ask Stan to have a word with Cora. Later, Stan reveals that Cora actually knows the woman at the

.Pam delivers pink roses to a tense Linda..
centre of it all, but will she contact her to help out.

Later Whitney and Abi notice Dean checking out Lauren at the pub, so they convince her to go and talk to him. Dean spots that Linda is watching and decides to flirt back with Lauren, causing a jealous Peter to make his excuses and leave.  Linda realises what Deans up to and warns him to stop hitting on her, but they later end up alone when Linda is upset following the day’s events. A drunken Dean tries his luck and kisses Linda, but how will she respond?. when later in the week Linda receives some flowers with no name, she assumes there from Dean and quickly hides them out the way.

Elsewhere, the day of the appeal has arrived for Ian, but After the conference, Denise, Peter and Sharon demand to know why Keeble didn’t stop a certain line of questioning from the reporters. However, Phil realises that Keeble believes Ian is hiding something and wanted to make him talk. Phil challenges Ian and demands to

.Ian gives an emotional TV appeal to find Lucy's killer..
know what he is keeping quiet about.   When Ian finally reveals whats been happening, Phil decides that Rannie is the problem that needs to be dealt with.  When Sharon see ho supportive Phil’s being towards Ian she starts to have second thoughts bout her revenge plan.

Also, Abi gets her exam results, she informs Jay that she got into the University of Liverpool. Jay is concerned about the news, but overcompensates by arranging a gathering at Abi’s place to celebrate. Lola can sense Jay’s unease but reminds him that this is what Abi wants. However, it later becomes apparent that Jay’s tension is not only related to Abi news.Later

.Ian tells a shocked Phil he went with a prostitute and the prostitute was Rainie..
at the party, Abi appears tense and takes Jay aside to confess something. Soon afterwards, the mood at the celebration worsens when Fatboy turns on the latest news update about Lucy’s murder, which causes Lauren to leave and run into Dean. He invites Lauren to join him for a takeaway.




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