The Walking Dead season 5 major character death

Published On June 6, 2014 » 1694 Views» By Darren Dimmick » TV
If you’re a fan of the Walking Dead but like to be left in the dark then we advise you do not read on, but if you want to know a major Spoiler then continue on.

It’s not really a new story hearing that the Walking Dead are going to kill someone off, as in most episodes someone seems to die, and certainly in all season a leading character is zombified and destroyed.

With the Walking Dead being following along the lines of the original comic books, Fans are a lot of the time able to get glimpse of whats going to happen sometimes to be pleasantly surprised other times left disappointed.

The rumour currently circulating is that Steven Yeun who plays the much devoted husband Glen Rhee, one of the few remaining central cast members to have appeared from The Walking Dead’s pilot onwards, has now filmed his final scenes on the show. Yeun’s character, Glenn, allegedly died filming his final scene at the end of May, which means Pizza boy turned warrior turned Romeo will be leaving us for good.

I suppose looking on the bright side of life it’s not Darryl and it’s not Rick Grimes.

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