The Top 10 Pirated TV shows of 2014

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At one time when we thought of illegal downloading, the Music and movie business was what we would think of.  But it seems now TV shows are more popular than ever, with more of them being downloaded than anything else.

Games of Thrones in 2014 was the most googled TV series of the years, and has also broken all Piracy records with the season 4 finale the most illegally downloaded TV show in history.

Although the show makers may not see this as a complement, it certainly goes to show just how popular some TV shows have become.

The Martin Scorsese directed movie ‘The Wolf of Wall street’ was the most downloaded movie, with the Disney movie Frozen following closely behind.

TorrentFreak who compiled list said that the illegal downloading of TV shows, has not slowed in recent years and that it is in fact increasing, “sometimes exceeding the number of traditional viewers in the US”.

So here the list in reverse order of the top 10 most pirated downloads of 2014.

10. South Park
The only animated show to make the list, now in its 18th season and expected to continue to at least 2016, which  means we could see this reappear on the list again next year.

9. Suits
Allegedly  the show has had 2,5 million illegal downloads which is the same as its season 4 US premier go figure.

8. Vikings
The 2.7 million people downloading Vikings should be grateful that Travis Fimmel’s Ragnar Lothbrok isn’t the one doling out punishment.

7. Grey’s Anatomy
Shonda Rimes shows seem to be popular in what ever format they arrive in, with Grey Anatomy her flagship show Scandal and along with her new show How to get away with Murder, could possibly maker her the most downloaded TV series writer.

6. Arrow
Another series with seemingly more people talking about it than actually watching it.  This year also saw The CW add to the comic book universe with the introduction of ‘The Flash’ which we are sure will make an appearance on the list next year with it already huge popularity.

5. Gotham
If Gotham’s James Gordon was put on the case to figure out who the estimated 3.2 million people downloading his show were, you can bet that at least 4.2 million people would die before he solved anything.

4. How I Met Your Mother
This long-standing CBS sitcom came to a close earlier this year with a pretty controversial final episode, and around 3.5 million people said goodbye to the show in an illegal fashion.

3. The Big Bang Theory
I used to think that people pirating series were looking out mostly for series they might not have access to otherwise, like non-HBO subscribers wanting the premium cable network’s finest. Yet the top three is rounded out by a CBS series that is played and repeated on most non subscription services.

2. The Walking Dead
One of the highest-rated shows on TV, The Walking Dead would be even more popular if only it could translate those 4.8 million pirates into live viewers. I’m pretty sure even dead people are downloading this show.

1. Game of Thrones
The most talked about series of 2014 is also the most downloaded, with the Season 4 finale breaking piracy records. There’s nothing else to do on the Wall, I guess.

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