The police are looking for Aaron, Ross is in turmoil after Donna’s death – Emmerdale News

Published On August 15, 2014 » 885 Views» By Darren Dimmick » SOAP

Ross is shocked over Donna’s death and news of her illness, heartbroken that she didn’t confide in him. Riddled with guilt over how she died and confused over her feelings for him, Ross decides that he needs to tell Marlon the truth. Ross decides to give April Donna’s share of the money but when Marlon see April and asks where she got it from, April tells him its from Mummys friend at the garage. Assuming its Cain he march’s round to his house to demand whats going on, only to find out it was actually from Ross. Ross reveals to Marlon that both him and Donna were more than friends and partners in crime.

Elsewhere, Aaron turns up at the Dingles’ hoping to stay the

night. However, when the police arrive for Cain in connection with a stolen car, it’s clear there is more to Aaron’s reappearance than meets the eye. Down at the station, Cain watches CCTV footage which clearly shows Aaron and Adam’s handiwork. He is furious and demands to know more of what they were up to. Adam and Aaron start to plot a plan to both go on the run to France. But when the police come looking for Aaron after finding his prints over the car everyone goes into crisis talks over how to hide Aaron. Chas frets over his fugitive lifestyle and is even more concerned when she spots fresh self-harm scars on him. When the police arrive to question her, she lies that Aaron is dead to her. Determined to save her son Chas decides
that the only way she can save him is to go to the police and drop Adam in it.

Meanwhile, Megan still believes that Charity is having an affair and asks Jimmy to keep an eye on her, but when Jimmy reveals what Megan has asked of him to Charity she starts to plot her own revenge.

Finally this week, Vanessa has pulled and she is very keen on him – but is later mortified to realise that her hunky toyboy is Rakesh’s 17-year-old son!


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