The Joker to appear in Gotham season 1

Published On February 16, 2015 » 1894 Views» By Darren Dimmick » News, TV
It has been mooted about that The Joker will star in Batman Prequel series ‘Gotham’, but with previous hints that it may not be in season 1.

It has now been released that the king of all Batman nemesis the Joker, will appear in season 1 in an episode entitled ‘ ‘The Blind Fortune Teller.

Former Shameless star Cameron Monaghan has been cast in the role, due to very little being known about the Jokers early years, the series has the doors left wide open for the writers to create his past. The Joker in some of the early comics was known as Jack Napier, but its is unknown as t whether this will be the same name used in the series.

showrunner Bruno Heller commented on the introduction of the Joker stating,

“In the pantheon of villains, he’s the dark king of this world, so it would be cheating the audience if we didn’t get into that. On the other hand, as those who are deep into the mythology know, the actual Joker – the full-on villain himself – does not appear until after Batman appears. “That’s both a narrative opportunity and a narrative problem at the same time.”

At present the main villain from the comic books is Oswald Cobblepott who goes onto become the penguin. Other villains whose back story’s have already been put into play are the Riddler and Two face.

Gotham currently airs in the US on Fox Tuesday nights, whilst part 2 of the series in the UK is set to air on Channel 5 sometime in March.

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