The Following Season 3 Spoilers released at Comic-con

Published On July 28, 2014 » 1528 Views» By Darren Dimmick » TV
The Following starring Kevin Bacon, has so far  followed the hunt for Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) so what can we expect since his arrest.

Creator Kevin Williamson revealed the news at the show’s Comic-Con International this weekend, and gave a few details on what season 3 will hold.

Williamson said: “We have a brand new story whether Joe is alive or dead. We don’t know how he’ll appear in season three. We always saw it as a reset.”

The panel also spoke how Kevin Bacon character Ryan Hardy will have a new love interest, but will still revolve around his obsession with catching killers.

Producer Jennifer Johnson said: “In episode one, we find that Ryan has looked at every case, just to make sure it isn’t Joe Carroll related.

“There’s a brand new threat that throws New York under a lockdown. The city will be a character and we’ll see urban paranoia and the disintegration of the city.”

Commenting on the death of Mark’s twin brother, Luke, Underwood said, “This was needed in order for Mark to move forward. However, I think it will affect him greatly in season 3.”

They also released an alternative ending to the finale of season 2, which saw Joe Carroll being executed by the surviving twin brother Mark.

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