The Carters deal with Stans death, Charlie and Roxy deceit is revealed as Ronnie comes too – Eastenders

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..Dean is devastated when he learns that Stan has died.
The Carters grieve following the news of Stan’s death. Shirley goes to visit Dean in prison, but the situation leads to her and Mick growing even further apart. Buster takes the lead in breaking the news of Stan’s death to Dean, but it’s clear that Dean is struggling to cope with life behind bars and an emotional Shirley ends up rushing out.

Later, Cora arrives at The Vic and is furious as she was unaware that Stan had passed away and went to the hospice. When Cora angrily makes some accusations, Mick snaps. As the day continues, Tina

.Cora is furious that no one told her Stan was dead. ..
urges Mick to make his peace with Shirley and he promises to try. However, when Mick tries to raise a glass for Stan, a drunken Shirley causes a commotion. Has she gone too far?

Linda does her best to takes steps to improve the family atmosphere by inviting Buster and Shirley over for a meal.

Linda’s actions are initially successful as everyone manages to get along, but the Carters are soon torn

.Ronnie talks to baby Matthew..
apart once again when Linda receives some bad news

Meanwhile, Alek feels guilty when he realises that he has forgotten about Ineta’s birthday, so he organises a last-minute party with help from Roxy. The event gets off to a good start, but Roxy isn’t pleased when Marta turns up and causes friction between her and Aleks.

Tension also continues to build between Roxy and Charlie when he arrives. Once they’re alone, Charlie comes clean about how he really feels, which leaves

.Aleks proposes to Roxy..
Roxy feeling conflicted. She later visits Charlie to continue the conversation, but they are interrupted when Aleks turns up with some big news – Ronnie is talking and wants to speak to Roxy…

Roxy fears that Ronnie knows the truth about what happened between her and Charlie. She tells Charlie that they need to forget what happened between them. However, when Roxy visits the hospital with Matthew, it all becomes too much for her and she turns back to

..Charlie tells Roxy she is all he wants.
Charlie for support.

At the same time, Aleks is determined to prove to Roxy how much she means to him, so he seeks Phil’s permission to propose to her. When Charlie learns what Aleks is planning, he tips off Roxy about what’s about to happen. Back at the house, Roxy anticipates Aleks’s proposal but as he gets out the ring, she is shocked when he asks how long she has been sleeping with Charlie!

Elsewhere, business is booming for Max and he offers to pay for Jim’s funeral. However, Jay spots something

..EastEnders: 5051: 2015-04-16.
suspicious with one of the cars that Max recently sold.

Later, Phil reminds Jay that he is a Mitchell and must not tell Max the truth. When Max apologises to Jay for his recent behaviour, Jay ignores Phil’s warnings by coming clean.

Also today, as Masood tries to find Tamwar a wife, he fails to realise that his son has strong feelings for Nancy. Tamwar continues to grow close to Nancy but soon makes a shocking discovery about Aleks and the

.Masood and Kush smile as Nancy and Tamwar kiss. ..

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