The Blacklist Season 2 Spoilers and a recap of episode 1

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The Blacklist will premier tonight on Sky Living at 9 pm in the UK, with an explosive opening.

*Spoiler Alert*

Tonight sees the return of James Spaders as Raymond Reddington in the Blacklist, as the search continues for Berlin.

As always Spader brings to life the character and from the very beginning plays the mystic mastermind to a tea. The first episode covers getting things back to normality after Agent Cooper has stood down from running the team.   At the same time as getting thing back to normal Reddington has another name on his list to tick Lord Baltimore.

Baltimore has been hired to track down Reddington ex-wife for Berlin who does so and delivers her to Reddington nemesis.

Although the first 2 episodes will see the aftermath of season 1 being dealt with more closely, its been reported that as from episode 3 the season comes into its own.  When we say comes into its own, Berlin will still be there in the background constantly annoying Reddington but new Villains will be introduced to the series.

We know that the task force will be splitting up in the third episode of “The Blacklist,” with Elizabeth Keen and the team’s new member, Mossad agent Samar Navabi, following Dr. Covington’s trail while Reddington heads to Indonesia and ends up tangling with a twisted killer played by Paul Reuben.

James Spaders has recently confirmed that the writers have a ” Long Game in Mind” when he spoke in an interview recently stating,

“There obviously is a long game in mind – and a short game in mind – but the connective tissue between the short game and the long game… that has to have some elasticity about it.”

Now if you just read that like me and you got the long game bit, and the short game bit,was there any need for the ‘elasticity part ?.

Actors and their cryptic talking.  He also went onto say,

“Such things on a television series have to be fluid and flexible,” he said. “On this show, it’s very easy to paint ourselves into a corner and then we have to find a way to… get the hell out.  Not knowing how long the series will be on the air… you ultimately can’t know the shape and size of your onion, and how many layers you have to peel, and how slowly you have to peel them!. It would be a shame to get the centre of the onion two years too early… or a year too late! You definitely have to be flexible.”

Enough about Onions already!   Spaders also spoke about his relationship with co-star Megan Boone who plays Elizabeth Keene in the crime drama.

“I tend to bring to the set what I think serves the material and the characters, and try not to bring too much more than that,” Spader said.  The nature of our relationship therefore… was not dissimilar to the relationship between Reddington and Elizabeth Keen – in that you had somebody who knew more than you, and yet the person who knew less was incredibly hungry and game, yet reticent and out of her depth.”

The Blacklist Season 2 premiers tonight on Sky Living at 9 pm and will continue on NBC on Mondays at 10/9c

See Season 2 episode 2 promo below.

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